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Dan Dyer
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Dan Dyer greets his second decade as a musician with a self-titled album. From this soul-revivalist recording, produced out of an old snake-charmer church turned studio on the East side of Austin, emerges a spooky, diaphanous, and bright release drawn from an ever-deepening soul. After many years of back-to-back releases and touring, Dyer took a few years to winter from performing - living in St. Louis, raising a family, and writing tunes for commercials. Sensing a need to return to his roots as a musician, in 2006 he started making trips to Austin, his musical birthplace, to seek out some old friends and resume his career. Dyer quickly reconnected with producer David Boyle, whose recently restored studio on the East side functioned as the perfect backdrop to the otherworldly atmosphere he desired. As Dyer put his story down to lyric, Boyle assembled the cast of musicians who appear on the album. Contributors include Suzanna Choffel on “Play On Little Children,” the Austin-based Mt. Zion Baptist Church choir on “Love Chain,” and John Nelson of Thievery Corporation on “Who I Am”. Throughout the album other Austin mainstays, like Stephen Bruton, Scrappy Judd Newcombe, and George Reiff, play. The resulting compositions feel rich and complete, layered together to sound like an entirely new style of soul music. The effort has a strong, underlying cadence that ties the album together, and entices one to discover the many intrinsic subtleties. From the chain-gang inspired “Love Chain” to the gospel-tinged “I Walk On Guilded Splinters”; from the Stewart Copeland-esque syncopations of “Play On Little Children” to the Brazilian-dance hall inspired “Who I Am”, Dyer and Boyle weave a diverse fabric that extends beyond conventional musical boundaries. Coming from humble beginnings in small East Texas town, Dyer found solace early on listening to country icons broadcast on AM radio. Only during college did he discover his love for singing and began honing his skills as a songwriter and musician. His first band, Breedlove, exploded on the Austin music scene in the late 90s with their debut album Reach Out. Next, after a bit of a “New York education,” he collaborated with veteran rock legend Lenny Kravitz, who produced and released Dyer’s first solo album …Of What Lies Beneath on Kravitz’s Reprise imprint label Roxie Records. For the current release, Dyer finds inspiration from long-time soul artists like Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway. And, after seasons spent in New Orleans and the South, Dyer’s version of “I Walk on Guilded Splinters” pays homage to Dr. John, who created an entirely new on-stage persona for his audiences. “I respect the originality an artist like Dr. John,” says Dyer. “He created a persona to use as an agent of fearlessness.” With this third self-titled release a similar change is taking place with Dyer’s voodoo-centric stage persona. There is always music in the haunts of Dyer’s wandering soul, his own melodious character filled with a talent that is impossible to chase away.
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Dan Dyer  12/16/2005            
great album dan.i really enjoyed it.go mhs.
Dan Dyer  08/15/2005            
The Dan Dyer Band reeks of raw talent, soulfulness and an edgy sexual rythym that is awesome to watch as well as listen to. His cd, "Of What Lies Beneath" shows the tamer, more sensitive, tender side. But soon to be back in the studio, I'm banking that Dan comes back with a more rough and soulful sound. It just seems so inherent, so natural in him, like breathing. His amazing band, guitarist, Aaron Barrera - bassist, Tony Breit and drummer, Jason White enhance and compliment that natural ability perfectly. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would. When I play Dan's live performance recording of "I Don't Believe In Love" for my friends for the first time, I always tell them,"this is as close to sex as you will get without actually having it". I actually heard a guy say, after hearing it at a live show, "Damn, I need a cigarette! Do yourself a favor and check out his live show whenever you can. You can learn more about The Dan Dyer Band and see his schedule at http://www.myspace.com/dandyer.
Dan Dyer  08/13/2005            
Jeff Bertram
This cd introduces the listener to the 'pop' side of Dan Dyer who is an artist with many styles. His original voice and sense of beat and rhythm can be felt throughout. His Lenny tribute song 'Over Before It's Begun' is suitable as a stadium anthem. Stella is fun, Great Ocean and Red Alert keep the groove going. If you want a copy of his unreleased Austin 12 cd, send me an email - [email protected]
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