Darren Morrison

Darren Morrison
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Darren Morrison writes and plays music for one reason: “I get crazy when I don't.” In the process of maintaining his own sanity, He hope to create something that you will enjoy as well. ”I've tried to quit before. The last time lasted nearly four months. I sat around the house, scratched my itchy feet, and in general made a pain out of myself until I irritated my wife enough that she finally pushed me out the door one Saturday night with my guitar and a harmonica with a broken reed. I was told to call her at 2 and she'd pick me up from wherever I ended up playing.” Says Darren Morrison. That was several years ago. He hasn't tried to quit again since then. Maybe they need to make a patch or something. His album collection mainly consists of Kristofferson, Willie, Waylon, Jerry Jeff, John Prine, Dead, Buffett and Robert Earl. He likes to cover these guys and he generally do a decent job of it. Darren’s music is a reflection of theirs. There have been times when he consciously and intestinally written something he could hear Waylon doing or that he thinks Prine would like. And sometimes it just comes out that way by happy accident. Darren’s musical ambition is to someday write something that one of his favorite artists record. Maybe they'd even let him do a little cameo on the last verse. Or some of that old whiskey harmony on the chorus that makes Darren love 70s country and The Stones so much. That'd be cool.
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Darren Morrison  10/17/2007            
Eric in the LBK
This is one of my favorites. Darren is great. Just needs some pub. Get this record and your listen to it over and over.
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