Dave Insley

Dave Insley
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Dave & his brothers were raised amid the rolling wheat fields of Kansas, their father Bill retired from farming and their mother Geneva waiting tables at a nearby truckstop. Bill & Jenny had an extensive record collection & long players by Cash, Haggard, Buck, Marty Robbins, Roger Miller, etc. were in regular rotation around the house. AM radio was pretty happenin' then too, and the Insley household was always a very lively place. When he wasn't doing chores, Dave began playing guitar and writing songs around age 12. The family relocated to Arizona in 1975, where Insley played in Country & Rock bands throughout his high school & college years. While living in Tempe, Insley formed Chaingang in 1983 with Kevin Tank and Ken Norman. Playing traditional Country music for Punk Rock fans, the group was a puzzling, yet critically acclaimed entry into the Phoenix scene, which at that time included such diverse talent as the Sun City Girls, the Meat Puppets, Jodie Fosters Army, Junior Achievement, the Nova Boys, Spot 1019, the Varmits, Domino Theory, the Feederz, Los Zany Guys, the Psalms (later known as the Gin Blossoms) and many others. Chaingang performed at the Green House, Mad Gardens, the Temple, Triple A Gardeners Club, Vivian's, Party Gardens, Merlins, Decadance, Rafters, Impulse and of course the Mason Jar. Eventually they added fiddler John Murdock and guitarist Pat Moore (Goose Creek Symphony), and sometimes called themselves the Changed Gang, the Franks or the Lonesome Coyotes. The last Chaingang show was at the Sun Club on December 30th, 1987. Insley's next group was the Flagstaff-based Politics or Pontiacs, which featured Insley, along with Paul Kachur and Tom Manning. The Pontiacs' run was brief, but memorable, climaxing with a 6-week European tour in the fall of 1988. During the 90's, Insley formed Nitpickers, a "newgrass" band, unlike any act working the Tempe clubs at that time. The group featured Insley, along with Jim Bolek, Steve Borick, Jeff Farias & Tom Post. Nitpickers released a low budget CD, opened for everybody from Ralph Stanley to Steppenwolf, and were honored in 2000 by the Arizona Republic as Phoenix's "Best Roots Band," and that same year, by the East Valley Tribune, as Phoenix's "Best Country Band." Meanwhile, another Insley project, Trophy Husbands, recorded an album for Rustic Records "Dark & Bloody Ground," and began touring nationally. Trophy Husbands featured Insley, Farias, Post and guitarist Kevin Daly. The second Trophy Husbands disc, "Walk with Evil" was released a few years later (2003) by Hayden's Ferry Records. In 2004 Dave recorded his solo debut, "Call Me Lonesome" with the help of engineer Alex Otto and the Peacemakers' PH Naffah & Danny White. "Call Me Lonesome" was released on March 22, 2005 and spent 8 weeks at # 5 on the Freeform American Roots (FAR) chart, and reached # 19 on the Americana chart. Dave was selected as Arizona's Best Songwriter 2005 by the Arizona Republic, and "Call Me Lonesome" made Third Coast Music's "Top 10 debuts of 2005." Dave's new album "Here With You Tonight" was released on August 8, 2006, debuting at # 1 on the FAR chart. Dave continues to tour the United States making club, radio & festival appearances. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.
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Dave Insley  08/18/2013            
Greg Schultz
I have been listening to Dave's music for quite some time and had a chance to meet him in Austin back in July after a show at The Whte Horse Saloon. Great show of course and an even better dude. I just featured Dave and his music on my Honky Tonk Heroes Show here in Boulder, Colo on ... KGNU.org- Community Radio. Go see him...
Dave Insley  12/28/2008            
what a great show... Dave controls the stage with confidence and has great songs... check him out.. hes pretty good.
Dave Insley  08/05/2008            
Lonesome Coyote
I've been a Dave Insley fan for over 20 years now. After many attempts at collaboration with other artists he finally struck out on his own. And I am ever happy he did. The sound is cleaner than ever, the songs better, and his band's performances just seem to get tighter and tighter as time goes by. This is, no doubt, due to Dave's exacting standards on stage and in the recording studio. If you're a fan of anything closely resembling country, roots music, or Americana, give Dave Insley and The Careless Smokers a listen. You'll be glad you did.
Dave Insley  08/04/2008            
I'd give Dave more than 5 stars! It's not just his voice but the rocken rhythems and story telling that makes me a big fan!
Dave Insley  08/01/2008            
Vince Murray
I first heard of Dave on a news show. He was playin' with a band called the Trophy Husbands. As a real trophy husband (my wife may argue this point) I immediate liked the music and have been a fan ever since.
Dave Insley  08/01/2008            
You have got to hear "Roy Boy." One of the catchiest, coolest songs I've ever heard.
Dave Insley  07/31/2008            
You don't know what you are missing if you haven't purchased this CD. The music is awesome! You will want it on your iPod, your computer and in you car. Dave even does one of Conway Twitty's song. Dave is true master at doing Conway's songs. Greatest CD that he has put out yet. Keep up the good work!! Hopefully you will be in AZ when I come there in November. Would love to see you again.
Dave Insley  07/31/2008            
Roberta Holleman
We love Dave in Northern California, just don't see enough of him out here. Dave and his Careless Smokers are one of the best dance bands around.Great tunes, nifty lyrics. We love listening to the CDs too. West Texas Wine is a beautifully crafted compilation showing off Dave's talent in lots of styles. We miss you, hope you can return soon!
Dave Insley  07/31/2008            
Dave's a guy I'm proud to call a friend. He's a tremendous talent and a great guy, and all three of his discs are never far from my regular rotation list. I tell you, we miss him here in Arizona something fierce - Austin's gain was definitely our loss! Do yourselves a favor and take a listen to Dave's music. It's honest, it's real, and he knows what Country & Western (with a kick) is supposed to sound like.
Dave Insley  07/31/2008            
Rudy E.
Great guy. Great songs. Always a good time to go see him play. An all around solid and fun entertainer, with songs that stick with you that you want to hear again and again. If you can find it, check out his old Trophy Husbands material too: "Dark and Bloody Ground" and "Walk With Evil".
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