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Davin James
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Davin's music is more "black water" than "red dirt". That's probably because he grew up watching his father play guitar on lake banks in North Louisiana and South Arkansas. He came to Texas in 1978, at age 13. He was prompted to play guitar by his father with a $100 bribe. He got his first electric guitar with that money. Through the 80's, he played honky-tonks, covering Hank Jr. and Lynyrd Synyrd as well as top 40 country songs. His '95 recording debut caught the attention of Gary P. Nunn. Gary's "Roadtrip" CD included four of Davin's original songs. With a little credibility, Davin started running with other notable songwriter/entertainers such as; Larry Joe Taylor, Tommy Alverson, and Brian Burns and Jesse Dayton. "We helped the Texas Music scene get kick started from a dead 80's market, says Davin". Davin has had his songs recorded by many of those song-writing buddies. He has landed songs in movies, TV, and advertising campaigns. He has also sang jingles, played, and produced many other projects. 15 years later, Davin has 7 CD's under his belt. He plays over 100 shows a year. The shows range from solo acoustic to full band. Davin is also known for hosting a songwriter show in Old Town Spring, Texas, every Wednesday night, 10 years running!
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Davin James  02/06/2010            
tony fernandez
Why is this guy not on every country station in the nation? The lyrics, the music,he is incredible!!!
Davin James  12/09/2008            
Ed Nunez/Joshua Tx
I had a chance to listen to Davin this weekend at the Hill Country Bar in Meridan. A southern blues sound that is played with intense emotion. Our group travels and supports alot of music and Davin and Cletus put a hell of a birthday bash, we will continue to support Davin and the sound that we love to hear.
Davin James  01/03/2007            
DMoney from Conroe
not being a huge fan of country music but loving the southern and folk sound, i couldnt help but to get turned on by Davin's music when he played in Conroe, Texas. His blues riffs and the emotion in his words keeps him out of music catigories and makes him a true musician. dont pass on an opportunity to see him or hear him!
Davin James  12/15/2006            
glane bonham tx
this is the best cd i have heard in years. i would drive from texarkana to el paso to hear him play.
Davin James  07/29/2006            
Well, the first song I heard by this man was Magnolia...seein' how my name is Maggie, you know I fell in love with this artist. What I relly enjoyed about the song was the "get down" harmony at the end
Davin James  06/05/2006            
We had Davin and his band at a private party and we thoroughly enjoyed him---so enthusiastic and heartfelt as an entertainer. His latest, Palmer Lake,is outstanding. You will want to listen to it over and over!
Davin James  12/06/2005            
KK's Pub
This guy is fabulously awesome! We've had him in our place and can't wait to have him back!
Davin James  06/14/2005            
James Tomey
I have been waiting for a LIVE cd of Davin. I have been to many of hius shows and the ENERGY is great. This CD captures it and is on the outside stereo CD changer!!! The blues riffs LIVE are outstanding. It's about time to you live all the time. Get it you will not be sorry.
Davin James  12/24/2004            
Bordello Bob Tumlinson
This guy will amaze you. He is fun and entertaining at every show I have been to. He will take you on a road trip with his songs. I like when he takes me to New Orleans, musically that is, to a house of questionable reputation and lets me see with his voice the kind of ladies doing the kind of things I like to see them do. Yes this boys can drag you throught the swamp and make you smile. As a one man show he kicks ass.
Davin James  10/10/2004            
Wow! I love this CD, it is so smooth. We bought this cd several months ago and we keep putting it back in...playing it over and over. Buy it and love it! You will never take it out.
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