Dean Strickland

Dean Strickland
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The honest to God truth is that Dean Strickland's "Hitchhiking Guitarman" CD is a product of his faith, determination and answered prayers. Without each of those things the"Hitchhiking Guitarman" by Dean Strickland would have never come about. Faith, and determination are what Dean Strickland used, which helped him through years of immensely dangerous hitchhiking from town to town seeking to grow as a musician, as he prayed in Jesus' name that the Lord would guide his feet, send him songs, and keep him safe. In addition to Dean's prayers mentioned previously, Dean prayed that the Lord would make it possible that the songs he had written be recorded before he set off on a hitchhiking journey from Texas to Nashville, Tennessee. While hitchhiking to Nashville, Dean's prayer that a retail ready CD be made came to pass. That CD would be called "Hitchhiking Guitarman". While hitchhiking to Nashville, a man claiming to be a prophet picked Dean up in Texas, and prophesied that Dean will be influential worldwide.
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Dean Strickland  11/23/2011            
I am so proud of are a wonderful example of a man who loves music and what music can do for the world. You have a place in my heart and now it shines even more....I am so happy to know you love God...I used to pray for you and for anything The Lord wanted from somebody as talented as you are. GOD LOVES YOU MAN...HE WILL USE YOUR TALENT FOR MANY MORE YEARS. Thank you Jesus for your love and for Dean's life.Aleluya Oh God. Amen. Greetings from Colombia.
Dean Strickland  02/09/2010            
Hey Dean: I would never write or say anything about you or your terrific music except the TRUTH! Your first CD is great and fun to listen to. I am waiting to get all the NEW TUNES you have recorded. You ROCK and your music is AWESOME! Thanks for being my Friend! ~!~ Ron
Dean Strickland  01/03/2010            
I admire you for what you do Dean. Keep up the good shows and the hard work. Awesome music. Great attitude. Your dedication will prevail. Don't listen to the hate, those people are proving how unhappy they are with their rude comments. Just know your fans love you and support you. God bless. -Ashton
Dean Strickland  11/29/2009            
Jerry Mercer
It's easy to make accusations. That makes you the accuser. Not a good title. I personally think Dean is great.
Dean Strickland  11/29/2009            
Steven " Truck" Staples
To Be Sure... Dean is a Texan, and his music is representative of him. This Cd meets Lone Star Musics' and my criteria.
Dean Strickland  11/20/2009            
Stephanie Brown
Top notch artist! Such heart and commitment for what he is called to do. May God continue to bless him in all his endeavors.
Dean Strickland  03/12/2008            
Marcia Price
This guy is awesome. I hope he makes it big. He needs to be on daytime talk shows.
Dean Strickland  01/05/2008            
Kristie Lewis
Y'all should write a story on this guy. I've heard of him and would like to hear more about how he started and his current travels.
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