Dirty River Boys

Dirty River Boys
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Few bands can proudly claim to have recorded their first album acoustically. For a band to do so with success, they would need raw-vintage talent, a ballsy temperament and just the right amount of dirty faith. Throws these together along with a lively rock show and you get The Dirty River Boys.

The band has quickly won over audiences of all ages with three part harmonies and traditional but manipulated musicality. DRB is a West Texas band redefining genres. The band uniquely fuses classic folk and hints of bluegrass with a modern rock edge.

Band members Nino Cooper, Travis Stearns and Marco Gutierrez bring stories of personal experience and heartbroken outlaws to life with their poetic verses. The Boys also deliver whiskey slamming, foot stomping energy to classic instrument combinations of acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica, fiddle, cajon, snare, and banjo. The Dirty River Boys remind those listening that rock and roll is here to stay as long as it is kept a little dirty.

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Dirty River Boys  09/14/2012            
Dawna McAuliff
Love this band, love this album...already singing along to this whole album!!
Dirty River Boys  08/15/2012            
Nicole from Louisiana
We travel hundreds of miles to see these guys every time they come within a 500 mile radius! After seeing them once in a live concert,I promise that you will be hooked! They open for shows, and BLOW the headliner out of the water each time! I hope one day they get so big, that you will be singing their songs at your local karaoke bar! Love yall!!
Dirty River Boys  07/08/2012            
I had never heard of these guys, they just killed it at Fest out West. By far best concert of the weekend
Dirty River Boys  02/01/2012            
Mike from el paso
I always go see these guys when come into town. Love their music. Favorite song is the painter. Congrats Nino on your success.
Dirty River Boys  12/29/2011            
These guys bring it every night. High energy fun!
Dirty River Boys  02/03/2011            
Saw these guys in Houston a few weeks ago and they were amazing! Bought the cd at the show and love it! Def. recommend it!
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