Doctor G & The Mudcats

Doctor G & The Mudcats
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Doctor G (Gregg Andrews) is a Texas singer-songwriter whose debut CD, Mudcat (September 2005), launched Kent Finlay’s new indie label for songwriters--Cheatham Street Records. Mudcat features original songs that blend funky, mud-fried Mississippi River swamp, Mark Twain-like storytelling, country blues, and Texas-style Americana. With tasteful instrumentation by Colin Brooks, Brady Black, Sterling Finlay, and Johnny Arredondo, Doctor G’s debut CD mixes up-tempo Texas swing, rock and roll, and swampy blues with stories of loneliness and longing, forbidden love, police brutality, and disillusioned soldiers. Doctor G’s songs are the product of a life journey that began along the railroad tracks on the west bank of the Mississippi River in a cement-manufacturing company town near the cave made famous by Mark Twain’s fictional characters in Hannibal, Missouri. He grew up in the shadows of a sprawling cement plant where nearby sounds of river traffic, train whistles, and smokestacks resonated through the dark hollows and steep limestone bluffs. The ups and downs of a rough life in this setting provided the vivid imagery and themes that characterize Doctor G’s hard-edged songs. Influenced by local storytelling traditions, he was drawn to the writings of Twain and songs about being down and out. At age 14, he learned to play and sing when his father taught him Jimmy Rodgers’s “Waiting for a Train.” Doctor G moved to San Marcos, Texas, and became a regular performer at Cheatham Street Warehouse, where the culture of Texas song writing further influenced the texture of his music. His songs, like the books he has written, capture history from the bottom up. They tell the struggles of everyday people to find love, respect, happiness, and justice. Doctor G is also the Assistant Director of the Center for Texas Music History at Texas State University-San Marcos.

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12/03/2005 - Putting the Mississippi River life to music - Read More
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Doctor G & The Mudcats  08/13/2015            
Absolutely love this emotion packed cd. Swampy blues with a slice of that raw country missing in this mainstream world. You won't be disappointed.
Doctor G & The Mudcats  06/23/2010            
Vikky Anders
Doctor G and the Mud Cats! Here's the sum of my musical talents. I can sing in one note, taps my toes and clap my hands. Oh sure, I can move round a little and even shake my hips depending on what day of the week it is. That's it! But I know what I like and know what I love even better. And I LOVE Doctor G' and the Mud Cat sounds! Now thanks to Doctor G and his Mud Cats, my nearly 70 year old bod can now move it (good too) any day of the week! In fact, I now start my day, (after my first cup of tea) prancing and dancing, while trying not to scare the dogs with my gyrations, as I tune into to Doctor G's and his Mud Cats getting down on Jones Co Jubilee. One might think I would tire of this morning Jubilee going on a year now. One would be wrong! Doctor G's music is good for my head and my heart! My BP is great now! And it gets even better. I may be old, but my beach community neighbors aren't. I live in San Diego. If I walk straight for 20 blocks, I'd be in the Pacific Ocean. I'm guessing that maybe half of my young neighbors own surf boards. Or at the least, boogy boards. And it's thanks to Dcotor G (and yes, the dogs) that my youthful neighbors know and bother to chat me up. I've distributed a few of 'My Daddies Blues' around my neighborhood. Big hit!! Thus Doctor G and the Mud Cats make me look good. I like that! Now I get questioned all the time. "When is Doctor G coming to San Diego? I'd love to be one of his Mud Cats". So what do Mud Cats and CA surfer guys have in common? Everything it would seem. Vikky (Wilburn) Anders in San Diego. BTW, I'm half Californian and half Kentuckian. My own Daddy having been born in Kentucky to San Diego via the US Navy World War 11 era.
Doctor G & The Mudcats  06/23/2010            
Tony Wilson
Dr G's follow up to his debut "Mudcat" offers more high quality performances of original material. The songs included here reflect Dr G (Gregg Andrews)'s ability to range widely across the spectrum of Americana, from blues based offerings such as "High As A Poor Boy Gets", "Evil in the Delta" and the title track to lighter songs - "Lazy Swing" and "We've Been Here Before" and "Crawdaddy Moonshine". The tracks are a mix of seasoned material and newer compositions. Especially noteworthy among the more familiar songs are "My Daddy's Blues", "The Things You Do", and "Cousin Jesse", all three powerful, personal narratives drawn from close personal experience and memory. As well as the regular "stage" Mudcats = Sterling Finlay, Grant Mazak, Big John Mils, and Kyle Schneider - heard here, the "studio" Mudcats include Colin Brooks and Brady Black (both heard on the "Mudcat" CD), Bruce Banks, and Ed Flores. With such a line up of musical talent, it's not surprising that the arrangements provide strong musical support for Dr G's songs. "My Daddy's Blues" is definite must for the collector of Americana performers.
Doctor G & The Mudcats  08/09/2007            
T-Bird Fly is a great song that means so much to me. The music and lyrics are super, but the true story behind the song is why I listen to it so often. The anniversary of "Buddy's" death was forty years ago July 29, 2007 ..a lifetime. I know this because he ws my brother. Dr G, thank you and the Mudcats for doing such a great job.
Doctor G & The Mudcats  09/07/2006            
this is shelby andrews his other granddaughter and i also love the cd. i have to agree with my cousin that t-bird fly is by far the best song on his cd. i love his cd and love telling everyone about my grandpa. his songs are amazing and we can connect to them. Watch that t-bird fly!
Doctor G & The Mudcats  08/23/2006            
alex andrews
well i am his granddaughter!! and i have listened to the cd many times and i think it is a great cd. i have always thought that my grandpa gregg was a great singer/ songwriter! My favorite song on the cd is t-bird fly. i think that if you like a country blues kind of music you should try out dr.g and the mudcats!
Doctor G & The Mudcats  11/12/2005            
Tony Wilson
Here's an album that truly deserves the Americana label. Doctor G (Gregg Andrews) covers a lot of ground on this debut CD, ranging from old school rock and roll (Rockin' Rita) to country (Lights of San Antone, Don't Come Around Me Now) to his own brand of swamp rock with Mississippi River Mud and River Bottom Blue. Lawrence Avenue, delivered with an evocative "walking" rhythm,and the dramatic T-Bird Fly are both well wrought biographical songs. A born again Texan, Doctor G tips his Stetson to Texas Western Swing with the easy going Swinging on a Texas Moon. The last track, Night Train From Pecos,is a haunting song with vivid imagry and one of the highlights among an outstanding first collection of originals. The arrangements on this set are deft and never intrusive, allowing the songs plenty of room to be heard. Colin Brooks' guitar work is excellent throughout and he has an intuitive feel for what works with each song. Brady Black on fiddle, Sterling Finlay, bass and harmony vocals,and drummer Johnny Arredondo offer strong and experienced support. Doctor G is in very good hands from a production point of view. Kent Finlay produced this set - the first release on his Cheatham Street label - and allows the project to be performace driven througnout. Gary Hickinbotham engineered and mastered the set with a sensitive ear for the material. Doctor G's Mudcat is a fine first release and the Americana field is all the better for it.
Doctor G & The Mudcats  10/27/2005            
Larry Glade - Producer - Vortechs Studio
This CD and the man at the helm (Dr. G) represent Texas and it's bar-none musical history, honorably. His personal dedication to the history of Texas music and his professional dedication to the making of this Album and its music, raise the bar for ALL Texas artists (past, present and future).
Doctor G & The Mudcats  10/26/2005            
John Knapp III Votrechs Studio (engr)
Dr. G and the Mudcats have raised the bar for Texas based musicians. Recorded at the Cheatham Street Warehouse, Gary Hickinbotham successfully captured not only the spirit of the music/band but also the soul of the location. This recording will bring joy to all that listen. This CD contains great song writing and each musician gave a stellar performance. This is what TEXAS music is all about.
Doctor G & The Mudcats  10/24/2005            
Dave Teichroeb
Over the past few years I'd catch Doctor G. aka Greg Andrews at Cheatham Street and was always impressed with the quality of song- writing. Now he has recorded a fantastic CD of these songs with a impresive band featuring Colin Brooks that plain and simply... kicks ass. It's stuck in my CD player and I'm getting ready to learn a couple and add them to my set. Well done!
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