Duncan Walters

Duncan Walters
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Duncan Walters has thrown his hat into the singer/songwriter ring with the introduction of an amazingly well received and some may say remarkable debut album. Where and how this passion for music within Walters has been hiding is mystery. But if music is a medium to deliver life's musings and anecdotes in rhythmic parlance: then Walters is a natural. His debut album: "Northern Rain", draws from love and loss, from struggles and triumphs, from life's own treasure chest holding the allure of fate's fairest dealings. Why should it be of any surprise that Walters has embraced the art form with a gusto and fervor mirroring his own sojourn? Where is he from? What has he done? As if accreditation for forty years can be contained within a paragraph or two. Folly in the attempt to describe the years of rum soaked travels and how they affect the heart and soul of a man. But then again amazing how just a few words presented in a smooth baritone voice can say so much. It is his voice and his story telling that both invite you to kick up your feet next to a wood stove on a cold winter's day, and at the same time challenge you to contemplate the intricate tapestry that stands before us all. That is the home of this music. That is the Americana image that has influenced Walters more than any artist or style of music. Some would say that Walters' music is rooted in bluegrass and old time country music. Brought to life with the traditional sounds of piano, fiddle, guitar and banjo. Yes, such a classification could be applied and would be accurate and inaccurate all at the same time. It is Americana. It is the admiration and search for the artistry that formed this country and that has come to allude us in this age of technological wonderment. (I guess that explains why they went from microphone to analog two-inch tape and from tape to CD) It is music meant to endear us to both a hard days work and a quite day walking hand in hand. But do not try to read in any judgment amidst the tales on Walters' Nashville recorded CD: Northern Rain. For Walters doesn't subscribe to a normal life, just life. But yet one can't help to feel that there is a natural sense of integrity, love and honor that wanders and weaves throughout the melody and leaves one to question. On second thought, forget about it, just tap your feet and let the music and melody guide you into another day. "While reflection and introspection cause us all to ponder the universal questions of life and our purpose, something conveyed in Duncan Walters' tone administers a spark of hope. On our quest for true meaning he sheds a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Through music and his love of the great outdoors, he reminds us of the importance of observing and enjoying all that surrounds us."
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