Eleven Hundred Springs

Eleven Hundred Springs
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From such legendary lone star groups as Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys, Willie Nelson & the Family, and Asleep at the Wheel to even that little band from La Grange, ZZ Top, Texas has been a breeding ground for some of country musicís most acclaimed bands over the past half century. Each group has taken a Texas musical formula, made it their own, and played to millions across the world. So in a land where country music & Bob Wills will always be king, a little country band from the Big D, seasoned over the last ten years, has arisen and proven themselves as one of the most influential artists in a state far from short on talent. Effortlessly infusing their straight-from-the-Texas-honky-tonk brand of country music with their take-no-shit, up yours-to-music-row outlook, the band has thrilled crowds all over with their renegade style of country music that is just as popular in tattooed punk rock & hipster circles as it with the Texas baby boomers, outlaw bikers, and college crowds. Cut from the same cloth as Dallas legends Reverend Horton Heat, rockabilly king Ronnie Dawson, & Texas blues icons, the Brothers Vaughan, lead singer / lead guitarist Matt Hillyer has logged almost two decades touring the nationís rock clubs & punk festivals, while back home in Texas headlining a Friday night at such legendary honky-tonkís as the worldís largest, Billy Bobís Texas in the Fort Worth Stockyards. With an early passion & guitar picking ability drawn to Texas rockabilly, it was fronting the popular 90ís punk/ rockabilly outfit Lone Star Trio that Matt met fellow Trio bassist Steve Berg, a friendship & duo that has spanned over 15 years, 10 albums, and eventually led to their forming of Eleven Hundred Springs in 1998. As the partnership between front-man Hillyer and bassist Steve Berg has evolved over the bandís ten-year career, the two have been joined by platinum rock drummer Mark Reznicek ( of 90ís post-grunge outfit the Toadies ) , 3rd generation Texas fiddler Jordan W. Hendrix, and Texas pedal steel gunslinger Danny Crelin, creating a style of country music that has their Texas contemporaries in awe, hometown fans buzzing and has found them at the forefront of a new generation of alt-country insurgents.
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02/08/2006 - Steve Berg (1100 Springs) Benefit Show  - Read More
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Average Rating : 4.9              Total Reviews: 62

Eleven Hundred Springs  07/03/2011            
I love, love, love this album!! Matt Hillyer is an amazing songwriter and singer.
Eleven Hundred Springs  03/24/2011            
Ok album, just hard to beat bandwagon
Eleven Hundred Springs  02/26/2011            
Alabama Crawfish
Bring back "Live at Adair's" please! My copy is ruined from too much play time.
Eleven Hundred Springs  01/21/2011            
The first time I saw them was at River Road Icehouse in the year 2001 opening for JB&S. They were great then and to this day are even better. Great live show every time, and they look just like there music sounds. Check'em out. Remember Mary!
Eleven Hundred Springs  12/10/2010            
What I would like to know...is why do they stop print on all of theyre records?
Eleven Hundred Springs  01/20/2010            
Saw them perform some of these songs at h.o.b. in htown. frickin' awesome
Eleven Hundred Springs  09/26/2008            
I have been looking for the Live at Adair's CD and cannot find it.....PLEASE put it iTunes so I can atleast download it!!!
Eleven Hundred Springs  07/02/2008            
Obie in Dallas
Matt Hillyer's guitar chops are just as tastefull and fluid as always and his singing and writing are better than ever, so it's no surprise that Country Jam is 1100 Springs' best release so far. Mastered by Jerry Tubb, the sound quality is excellent throughout, with Lloyd Maines' deft signature "just enough" production keeping the overall feel warm and full, but never needlessly embellished. Country in it's soul, rockin enough to be fun, Country Jam is highly recommended and a worthy addition to your collection.
Eleven Hundred Springs  06/23/2008            
If anyone has 1100 springs live at the adair I would love to buy it from you! Please help!
Eleven Hundred Springs  06/13/2008            
Lisa Williams
This is one of the best CD's that I've purchased in a long time!
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