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EYB’s previous album LIFE AT BEST scored back-to-back chart-toppers with the DOUBLE PLATINUM smash "Crazy Girl" and PLATINUM hit "Even If It Breaks Your Heart." The former was also named Billboard’s 2011 #1 Country Song of the Year and won the 2012 ACM Awards Song of the Year while the latter was nominated for GRAMMY Best Country Song, CMA Single of the Year, Song of the Year as well as ACM Single of the Year and Song of the Year.
For the third consecutive year, EYB is nominated for Vocal Group of the Year at the ACM Awards, airing April 6 on CBS at 8P ET.
While also selling out venues as a headliner from coast to coast, EYB will share the new music with fans while on the road with Darius Rucker’s TRUE BELIEVERS TOUR and Jake Owen’s DAYS OF GOLD TOUR, beginning this Spring. For tour dates and more, visit  EliYoungBand.com.

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Eli Young Band  01/28/2010            
OMG! Who are these people? Get back to the music & PROMOTING the GREAT things coming from Texas & Oaklahoma! The CD is great, would love to see them in the same venue Ragweed played at in November, Center Stage, Gadsden Alabama is new to the area. I'm spreading the word about you guys around here & hope you'll consider doing a show soon. I just hope you have better promoters than Ragweed had. Love the small venues, but would love to see a large crowd. You guys are great (this is coming from an oldster of 46 yrs.)Keep up the good music!
Eli Young Band  11/08/2009            
Vinny The Shark
The staff at The Wormy Dog makes fun of me when I'm not around. I have tons of Vinny The Shark Merchandise collecting dust because no one wants it. Girls will not speak to me. I have had several restraining orders filed against me. I'm awesome. Just ask me.
Eli Young Band  11/06/2009            
Vinny The Shark
Congratulations for joining the fan club Fake Vinny. Once again Fake Vinny, you are invited to the Wormy Dog to have a few cold ones with the real Vinny The Shark and enjoy some good music. You'll get to sit at the Shark Table with a great view overlooking the crowd and the stage, and you may even go home with a few Shark goodies. (By the way, the 2010 Sharkoozies are now available online, so get yours now before the Christmas rush). Good times guaranteed in OKC. Bring your troll, Benny The Skunk, with you. Vinny will put your "names" on the guest list. Vinny's looking forward to meeting his fans. Until then, have a nice Celtic Frost Friday.
Eli Young Band  11/05/2009            
Benny the Skunk
Vinny is a self-righteous, and pompous butt. He would not know decent music if it bit him in his skinny, wrinkled butt. Vinny...do us all a favor and go away. No seriously, I mean it
Eli Young Band  11/05/2009            
Vinny The Shark
Vinny has no idea how to properly construct a sentence. Please help Vinnie understand how and when to use a comma. Congratulations for what? Do I win a prize because I figured out that Vinnie is a brainless cheerleader? Rah Rah Ragweed! Rah Rah Ragweed!
Eli Young Band  11/05/2009            
Vinny The Shark
Thanks for chiming in with the homosexual rant fake Vinny. Vinny will add you to the heap of trash that try and talk poop about him. Again Fake Vinny, you have no clue as to what goes on. Congratulations, and Vinny will be more than happy to drink a few cold ones with you at the Wormy Dog at the Toys for Tots Benefit with RRB on December 17th. Or perhaps the 12th for Charlie Robison. Vinny is looking forward to meeting you. Until then, thanks for supporting The Shark Tank.
Eli Young Band  11/05/2009            
Vinny The Shark
I simply will not shut up. I go on and on as if what I say matters. I have imaginary friends that come to me for my opinion and I give it to them. I feel warm and fuzzy inside when this happens. The Wormy Dog allows me to write reviews on their site, and 4 people per year read them. I provide a "free service" because no one in their right mind will pay me to tell everyone how great Ragweed is. Deep down inside, I know that I am a homosexual, but I do homosexuals a disservice by not facing who I truly am by refusing to count myself as one of them. There is nothing wrong with being gay, I just can't admit that I am. I don't have a single clue about anything related to music. I know nothing of the recording process. I have no idea how to play an instrument. I just bother people and put down other bands. Eli Young is doing very well for themselves, and I am extremely jealous of them. I am jealous of anyone with any success, cause I have absolutely none. I only have my free service to hang onto. Please listen to me. Please read what I say. Please tell me I am great and deserve the pedestal that I alone have put myself on. Look up! I'm right here! It's ME! Vinny The Shark! I have to go give Cody Canada a biscuit. He is in my basement, and I am his number one fan. I am his number one fan. I am his number one fan.
Eli Young Band  09/15/2009            
Vinny The Shark
Good bands who put on good shows get good reviews. Mediocre bands get less than favorable reviews. Pretty simple concept. But since you yarn pawing kittens can't handle a little criticism of your favorite bands around here, Vinny will give EYB some props. They do have a couple decent catchy tunes and at least they ain't as bad as Casey Donahew Band. And "What The Hell?": To answer your opening question.. Vinny's opinion does matter more than yours. That goes without saying. Nobody comes to you for your opinions on shows or bands. That's how it works. Get over it. People are on this website criticizing bands every day and nothing is said, but when VTS truthfully has something to say about a band, attack mode sets in... But, since you and your peers follow every word Vinny has to say, you would know that Vinny has given compliments to Mike Eli as being a stand up guy. For years, Vinny has provided a free service to the fans of this scene, because he actually cares about the fans of the music. Hacks like you with weak "yard service" comments come and go. R.I.P. Patrick Swayze
Eli Young Band  09/14/2009            
What the Hell?
Who put this Vinny Guy in charge of anything, he sounds like a glorified loser, with nothing better to do than go to shows everynite, and bag on them. What makes your opinion any more important than mine? I enjoy what this band does, so did 4k people at Nutty Brown on Friday. But I guess we were wrong and you are right!!!Get a life, and concentrate on your yard service business, because nobody is paying you to write reviews, lol....
Eli Young Band  08/13/2009            
Flipper the Dolphin
What's up with the Rascal Flatts hair?
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