Emory Quinn

Emory Quinn
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    Emory Quinn is a band that takes its roots from folk, rock, and country music resulting from the different interests and influences of the members of the band, while creating a sound that can effortlessly cross the mainstream lines in the same CD with ease and versatility.
    The group was originally founded by Clint Bracher, Nathan Rigney, and Case Bell while enrolled at Texas A&M University. The name of the band comes from Nathan and Clint's middle names, Nathan Emory Rigney and Clint Quinn Bracher.
    In the beginning the band starting recording tracks in dorm rooms and houses while at school, along with rough live recordings of various shows. They released their debut album, “Letting Go,” in September 2006, and their sophomore effort, “The Road Company,” in April 2008. In 2010, came the release of their first live record, “Live at Gruene Hall,” and a third studio album, “See You at the Next Light.”
    One listen to an EQ recording and it is plain to see that the music they play is truly diverse. If you asked them to define it they would probably each give you a different answer. Most of all they just enjoy what any other band in the world does: playing music, touring as a band, and doing whatever they can to give their audience good music and a good show.

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Emory Quinn  12/09/2010            
A Great Texan
EQ's best studio album to date. A sound that appeals to everyone with brilliant vocals and incendiary guitar. Oh, and don't forget the grooving bass in the mix coming from the man himself Case Bell. If you have any kind of a taste for good music you will want to buy this album for yourself or that special someone's stocking this Christmas.
Emory Quinn  03/29/2010            
Rita Book
WOW! What an impressive sound! I have seen them a few times around Dallas and love their music. I recommend seeing a show near you if you are able. GREAT MUSIC!
Emory Quinn  03/02/2010            
Mike Hunt
Saw these guy's this weekend in SA, what a bunch of studs. They are like Angels of the Americana scene, with in your face lyrics!!!! The guitar player put down some Face Melting licks, I guess that's why the lead singer has to grow a beard! The bass player is another story all together, he looks like a bass robot hell bent on controlling the bass universe! All I know is when Emory Quinn is in town.. lock up your daughters and hide your Lonestar beer because you are going on a wild ride!!!!!
Emory Quinn  01/07/2010            
Frisco Pimp
Wow, that is all I have to say. I saw them play on Dec 26th and I enjoyed every minute of it! They sond like nothing out there right now, EQ's music just makes you smile. Plus thay have a rock drummer who picks up the pace and rounds off their sound. Talk about a total package....Im sold!
Emory Quinn  02/20/2009            
Seth G.
I saw EQ live at Gruene Hall on valentines day and I would say it was the best concert I have seen at Gruene Hall. EQ's music really flows and makes you want to go down to the guadalupe with your friends and some beer. EQ is still pretty unknown but not for long in my opinion, they have the talent all they need is time to grow and play bigger venues. EQ will surely be around for a long time.
Emory Quinn  02/19/2009            
These guys are phenomenal, hope to see them live again
Emory Quinn  09/04/2008            
These guys are great! Both CD's can stand alone as great stuff to listen to. And after seeing them several times-their shows are also not to be missed- faithful recreations of their CD work with a few well done cover songs thrown in. Definitely check them out.
Emory Quinn  08/01/2008            
I saw Emory Quinn for the first time tonight and loved it. Can't wait to get out and catch them again soon!!!
Emory Quinn  07/24/2008            
This CD is awesome. I got their first album from a friend and loved it, and so I bought this one immediately when it came out. I had to listen a time or two, but the more I hear it the more it grows on me.
Emory Quinn  06/21/2008            
These guys need a bus and a record label...they are a headliner!
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