Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson
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Eric Johnson hails from Austin, TX, where his mastery of the guitar, Grammy award winning song writing, and legendary guitar tone all come together to form a musically invigorating Texas tour de force. Listening to Eric Johnson invokes shades of Jimi Hendrix, Wes Montgomery, and Chet Atkins painted from the pallet of a classically trained, Austin raised and truly inspired musician
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Eric Johnson  04/25/2003            
Eric Johnson is a virtuoso. What Bach, Bethoven and Brahms were to piano, Eric is to the guitar. 2 of the best hours of my life were spent listening to him in Little Rock Arkansas recently.
Eric Johnson  03/17/2002            
Its pretty sad if you think about it. Why listen to any other guitar player when you got Eric Johnson. He's has everything and more than any other living player.
Eric Johnson  03/11/2002            
A guitarist hasn't come along with this much emotion and technique since Jimi Hendrix. I've yet to hear a recording from Johnson that isn't superb.
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