Exit 110

Exit 110
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With talent and experience ranging from 30 years to just 2 years, this band includes 3 generations of musical talent all crashing into one band yet not one sound. With texas country, southern rock, and some slow ballads up their sleeve, this band is energetic, crowd pleasing, easy going, and sometimes comical. Focusing on their roots of Texas, Exit 110 puts every bit of honesty and creativity into the lyrical and musical aspects of their material. With almost 2 years under their belt, the group has produced one album, "60 Miles From Dallas", and has now begun work on their Siesta Ranch Records debut album, due to be released within the first half of '07. Exit 110 has shared stages with other artists such as Eleven Hundred Springs, Ed Burleson, Jack Ingram, Gary P. Nunn, Max Stalling, Billy Joe Shaver and more..
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Exit 110  08/20/2007            
I recently saw these guys in Sulfur Springs Tx. and I picked up there cd. The Cd is awsome. every song on there is good. It is one of those Cds, that you put in the player and just let it play. They also put on one heck of a show.
Exit 110  07/25/2007            
Hey i heard this cd and it really stunned me. Much better than the first, there were nothing wrong with the songs on the first album but they got much better on the latest... Keep it up guys and hang in there, i know its a long tough road...( hey i'm in that picture up there)!!!
Exit 110  07/13/2007            
These guys are awesome. The cd's we're great and they were just as good or better when i saw them live. It's a must have cd.
Exit 110  07/13/2007            
Exit 110's newest CD, Drive, has been very successful, and entertaining. I think that everybody should definately have a copy, if you dont already.
Exit 110  07/11/2007            
OMG! "Drive" is the BEST C.D. that I have listened to EVER! I swear! All the songs kick toosh! My favorite??-Southbound-!!!! I LOVE THESE GUYS! If you havent heard them.. Check em' out!
Exit 110  07/11/2007            
I really like the new CD Drive, can't get enough. Last Train kicks tail I love it, keep up the good work. Ronny
Exit 110  07/11/2007            
The cd is great! i listen to it all the time! i love all the songs on there. Yall are the best!
Exit 110  07/11/2007            
i love the new cd i listen to it everyday .everyone needs to get a copy today NOW. and the guys are great too.
Exit 110  07/11/2007            
I love this band and I love this cd. I listen to it over and over...especially Loser! That is my favorite song!
Exit 110  07/11/2007            
Gotta love this cd too seein that its the first cd out. I wore it out when i first got it. Now i'm wearin em' both out! Love em.
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