Fallon Franklin

Fallon Franklin
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Fallon Franklin is one of the newest additions to rock music. Growing up in a small town in Texas, she held tight to her roots in folk music. Music was always around her. Her great grandfather, Major Franklin, was a world-class fiddle player and her grandfather, Royce Franklin, would take her to Texas swing festivals as a child. Her two cousins, Blake Powers and Freddie Powers, have worked with musicians from Willie Nelson to the late Waylon Jennings. Fallon wrote her first song at the age of ten. Ever since, her song lyrics have touched people of all ages and her angelic voice has captivated audiences. When asked about being a self-taught guitarist, she laughs and states, “ I needed something to accompany my songs and vocals, plus when I was in school, all the guys thought that it was cool to be a chick and play guitar.” Fallon graduated high school with more gigs under her belt than most people have in a lifetime. She would sing at any opportunity. Coffee shops, clubs, bar, private parties, restaurants and festivals filled her adolescent weeks. After moving away from home, she knew that she needed something bigger. Therefore, she moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas and to find a career in the live music capital of the world. After about a year, she decided that she wanted to uproot herself from Texas and see why everyone talked about Nashville. So in 2001, she moved to Tennessee to start up a band. After a short year, she decided that the Nashville scene wasn’t her cup of tea. “Everything sounded the same. Everyone was fake and produced and that’s just not my thing. I like raw music. Raw voices and raw talent, no copy- cats.” So, Fallon moved back to Austin, Texas where she currently lives. Upon re-establishing herself in Texas, she joined forces with Blake Powers to form a band. Growing up together, they had molded their harmonics into that compared to James Taylor and Carly Simon and Simon and Garfunkel. Joined with Joey Campbell, an accomplished drummer, and grammy-award- winning Kevin Schneider, there was no turning back. They soon began touring Texas and packing houses with great numbers. They surprise audiences by mixing Fallon’s raw bluesy voice with Blake’s folk-type antics. When asked what she thinks about being compared to other female musicians, Fallon says, “ I have been told that I remind people of everyone from Janis Joplin to Stevie Nicks. I have also been told that I don’t sound like anyone that they have ever heard. It’s all about what people hear. I find them all to be compliments. I grew up listening to all sorts of artists. It's only natural for people to hear a mixture of the old and the new.” What crosses Fallon’s mind when she is performing and how does it feel to have years of experience behind her at the young age of 21 years? “ I am obsessed with what I do. When most kids were going to football games in high school, I was playing in smoke-filled bars. I like having such a past in music. It makes me feel like I have come a long way. As far as why I do what I do…Looking out in an audience, whether it be a crowded club or a few people at a coffee shop, and seeing people mouthing the words to my songs... God, I can’t explain it; to me it’s more intimate than friendship or love. Those people are singing a part of you. You have touched them enough to have them learn the words to your songs. That’s freakin’ amazing. Seeing a guy in the audience sing a line of one of my songs about being a scared little girl…(she laughs)…. it's great. That’s why I still sing.” Lastly, many wanted to know Fallon’s views on music today. Fallon clearly states her view: “ When I look back on whom my parents had to listen to growing up, I am jealous, because music used to mean something to people. Apart from a few choice recent artists that I listen to, music has a lot to make up for. No one in his or her right minds would have told Janis to wear a halter-top or asked Bob Dylan to learn a few dance moves. People weren’t buying records because James Taylor was so damn hot. They bought them because “Fire and Rain” made them cry like a newborn. I just try to write what I feel. Hopefully, the next generation of musicians will feel the same. Until then, I’ll keep channel- surfing the oldies stations…”.
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Average Rating : 4.9              Total Reviews: 13

Fallon Franklin  06/11/2007            
Vicki G
First time I heard Fallon, I knew she would do great things!! She has a very pure & unique voice as well as awesome song writing skills. Her music is from the heart!
Fallon Franklin  03/19/2006            
I grew up in the same town as Fallon and went to school with her and I must say, she has been like a fine wine...better with time. She has grown into that which she began so long ago and now - is and will be someone to deal with in the music industry. Her talent is unquestionable and her aura will captivate you and leave you wanting more. Enjoy the music she produces...I know I will.
Fallon Franklin  01/18/2006            
Natalie Russell
This is the best local artist I have heard in a long time. Her songs and her voice kick major butt. No other local woman artist holds a candle to this fine lady! I heard her in Dallas and was floored. Buy this cd!
Fallon Franklin  06/30/2005            
crazy lady
You are an ass John Abbott...its "Fairy tale" not "Fairy lights". And the cd is the best!!!!!!!! YO MAMA!
Fallon Franklin  06/21/2005            
john A.
Yeah, I really like that song fairy lights too!!!
Fallon Franklin  06/19/2005            
Standard & Pours Coffee
Incredible live performance and the CD is excellent. STRONGLY recommend you not only buy her CD but see her and Blake Powers live. Can't wait until she puts Fire & Rain on a CD. Pascale Standard & Pours Coffee & Stocks Dallas, TX
Fallon Franklin  06/19/2005            
I heard Fallon for the first time at a benefit and I was like "Who is that voice??" I have never heard anything like her or her music. I have no idea why she isnt already famous. Buy this cd! It is one of my favorites.
Fallon Franklin  05/04/2005            
Red Lights is a solid debut that starts to gather some real steam in the second half of the record. Beginning with "Fairy Lights" and continuing throughout the remainder of the record Fallon gets more adventurous with the material and takes more chances. I hope she stays with that approach with the next record.
Fallon Franklin  02/27/2005            
Just as amazing singing as she is beautiful, Red Lights is a must have in any collection in America.
Fallon Franklin  02/13/2005            
wow. nuff said.
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