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The opening line to Fat Dixie’s debut single “Backroad”…“I’m just country, unlike the rest”…sums up this hot new band. With roots firmly in the south, Fat Dixie has taken their love for bands such as The Black Crowes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Randy Rogers, Willy Nelson and Waylon Jennings along with some not so country bands such as STP, Train and Tom Petty to cultivate their own sound that is creating quite a stir throughout the region. Fat Dixie formed in May of 2006 when Jared Sutton, Shaun Cook, and Jarrod Baker (formerly of Oklahoma based band Bishops Alley) called T.J. Chesshire and Bob Miller (formerly of Texas based band Ragtown) and asked if they would be interested in hooking up to start a new project. Not long after, T.J. and Bob moved to Shawnee, Oklahoma and Fat Dixie was born. Previous to Fat Dixie’s formation, the guys toured the region for 7 plus years in their respective bands playing over 1000 shows, releasing 3 full length albums, and cultivating a huge fan base. In the short time since Fat Dixie’s inception, the band has written over 20 original songs, recorded a 5 song demo, become highly requested on several radio stations, consistently ranked as one of the top 5 unsigned Southern Rock and Country artists in Oklahoma on MySpace, and performed shows throughout Oklahoma, Kansas Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas. A few of the bands Fat Dixie has played with over the last several months are Jack Ingram, Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland, Reckless Kelly, Bleu Edmondson, Trent Wilman, and No Justice. Currently, the band is recording their debut album which will include 15 tracks and is scheduled for release in June 2007. Until then, Fat Dixie will continue to tour and enjoy the simple pleasures of the road.

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Fat Dixie  10/06/2009            
These guy write some great song's and put on a rockin show. They also have a new cd out called Speakeasy. It's produced by Mike McClure and it ROCK"S!!!!!
Fat Dixie  10/30/2008            
This band is amazing. Bishop's Alley was great and the guys are even better united as Fat Dixie. These guys have talent and are bound for huge success! See them live and buy the album. It'll be well worth it! Keep up the great music, Jarrod!
Fat Dixie  09/22/2008            
I don't know about "Nashville" but I have seen these guys live and they are amazing! They are such talented musicians and great people! You will not be disappointed if you go to one of their shows. Keep up the good work guys and good luck with the new album! P.S. The bandana kicks ASS!
Fat Dixie  09/11/2008            
I had heard from a friend of a friend that these guys could possibly making a big run at the music scene, but just came up short in every aspect of music. It sounded like listening to a broken record...every song sounded the same as the last one. And what the hell does the lead singer wear on top of his head. He looks like a moron. You are not singing Hip Hop!
Fat Dixie  12/04/2007            
once again i got a chance to see these guys perform and it was as GREAT as always! these guys genuinely appreciate their fans and that is part of what keeps me coming back for more...that and the kick ass shows! keep up the good work boys and keep your heads up. good things come to those who wait!
Fat Dixie  11/30/2007            
Ren Sawyer
I saw these guys last month and find them to be highly overrated. There was nothing original in sound..same old stuff.
Fat Dixie  07/13/2007            
i recently caught 2 of their shows. they are now my favorite band in the whole world!! i have every one of their cds. if u have not listened to them or caught one of their shows, u should because u wont regret it.
Fat Dixie  07/10/2007            
My parents went and seen them in Fayeteville, and they brought back their sampler cd and i absolutely love them, they are the best. Thanks guys for everything, cant wait to see ya again...
Fat Dixie  07/09/2007            
I have seen these guys numerous times and they are ALWAYS great! They have great musical talent but they are also one of the most down to earth group of guys you will find on the music scene. Fat Dixie is definitely one of the best bands I have heard in a while and I am sure I will play the CD until it won't play anymore!
Fat Dixie  07/08/2007            
april reeves
i caught the concert at hot rod's on 7-7-07. it was awesome!! i will go again as soon as possible.
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