Floyd Tolston

Floyd Tolston
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To be an artist means you have to be observant. There are very few who pay attention as well as Floyd Tolston. Song writing for Floyd comes as natural as life's experiences. Floyd's appreciation for his life experiences, as well as others, is shared through both laughter and tears. Each song shows Floyd's determination for you to feel the emotion he is trying to evoke. Real human emotion is often shadowed or masqueraded in today's music circles, but not here. There is no smoke and mirrors when it comes to the music of Floyd. The joy, the laughter, the loss and comfort you feel in this music are there for a reason; it should be. Floyd felt it first. Enjoy Floyd Tolston.
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12/22/2008 - Country Recording Artist Floyd Tolston Spins Up - Read More
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Floyd Tolston  11/18/2007            
Five decades ago I was a real country music record-spinner on an East Texas radio station. There was Lefty, Patsy, Eddie, George, Tammy, Merle and many others...stars of the day. Then, something happened that changed country to "cross-over". Now, something special has happened, again. A pure story- telling country release has come my way. The artist is Floyd Tolston of Ennis, Texas. Most of the 14 selections on this CD titled "Something Special" were written by Floyd. From the opening selection, "Wal-Mart Lovers" to the title song, "Something Special", the last selection, there's a story. The "in between" songs include "Everybody's Got 'em a Song" with "south of the border" trumpet harmonies, "Ole 'Baccer Man" that brings back memories of the courthouse "spit and whittle" groups; "Lone Star" a salute to the national beer of Texas and the song that describes someone most everyone has known...just a "Face in the Crowd". Floyd Tolston has revived the real country sound in "Something Special", a CD you'll be playing over and over.
Floyd Tolston  11/12/2007            
When the CD arrived I let it roll through three times! Floyd moves from humor to social commentary without being pushy and does it all with a style of his own. Down home lyrics and simple instrumentation coupled with first class production values. Pleasant to listen to at lower volume while I am working in the office and definitely something I would have cranked up loud when I was cruising the highways with my rowdy friends a few years back. Five stars are a bunch but I really haven't enjoyed anything as much since I went to a Don Williams concert a few years ago. Good Music! Hu
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