Gary Stewart

Gary Stewart
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Gary Stewart was born May 28, 1945, in Jenkins, Ky. His family moved to Florida when he was 12, where he made his first record for the local Cory label and played in a beat group called the Amps. Teaming up with a policeman, Bill Eldridge, he wrote Stonewall Jackson's 1965 US country hit, "Poor Red Georgia Dirt". Several songwriting successes followed including chart entries for Billy Walker ("She Goes Walking Through My Mind", "When A Man Loves A Woman (The Way I Love You)", "Traces Of A Woman", "It's Time To Love Her"), Cal Smith ("You Can't Housebreak A Tomcat", "It Takes Me All Night Long") and Nat Stuckey ("Sweet Thang And Cisco"). Stewart recorded an album for Kapp Records, You're Not The Woman You Used To Be, and then moved to RCA Records. He had his first US country hit with a country version of the Allman Brothers' "Ramblin' Man" and then made the Top 10 with "Drinkin' Thing". For some years Stewart worked as the pianist in Charley Pride's road band and he can be heard on Pride's In Concert double album. He established himself as a hard-driving, honky-tonk performer with Out Of Hand and a US country number 1, "She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)", although his vibrato annoyed some. His 1977 Your Place Or Mine included guest appearances from Nicolette Larson, Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell. His two albums with songwriter Dean Dillon were not commercial successes, and Stewart returned to working in honky-tonk clubs. However, drug addiction got the better of him and his life collapsed when his wife left him and his son committed suicide. In the late 80s, he returned to performing, carrying on in the same style as before with albums such as Brand New and I'm A Texan. He was found dead in his Florida home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Dec. 16, 2003.
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Gary Stewart  11/18/2011            
I loved Gary Stewart. Personal choice of my favorite would be "Single Again" (driftin' around from bar to bar".... Gary a suicide, Faron a suicide, and Mel Street a suicide. Rest in peace.
Gary Stewart  09/08/2011            
Jeffrey Harp
Gary is who I grew up listening to.Nothin better
Gary Stewart  04/02/2008            
Gary Stewart died on Dec 16th 2003 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He had been dealing with deep depression after the loosing his wife to pneumonia. Gary is also known as the "King of Honky Tonk" which is a title most deserved by one of the greatest singer/songwriters ever known. It was another tragic blow to the almost extinct classic country singers; Faron Young was also another of the classics who committed suicide 7 years prior to Gary.
Gary Stewart  04/02/2008            
Alex in the South
This is hands down one of my favorites every song is real good to great. This guy grew up another Florida cowboy with alcohol and heartache which happens to be the focus of most of the songs on this CD. I'm surprised he never made it bigger then he did, really good stuff for the true country fan. This is a great cd if you want to get a lot of 1st rate hits on one CD. He drank him self to death in the early 2000's, 2002 I believe.
Gary Stewart  01/08/2008            
I agree with Sean, there's no telling how far his career could have gone had he not been derailed by drugs and alcohol. I'm old enough that he was in his heyday when I was in high school. You'd have been hard pressed to find a pickup truck in the Mansfield High School parking lot in the late seventies that didn't have a Gary Stewart 8 track stashed away in it. To this day, you'd be hard pressed to spend any considerable time in any Texas dancehall without hearing at least 1 Gary Stewart tune, even though he basically flushed his career down the toilet 25+ years ago. "Empty Glass" is still the song of choice when it's time to herd the drunks toward the exit. I went to 2 different venues to see him in concert in the 80's...he never showed up to either one. I finally saw him in Fort Worth in the mid nineties; he was pretty trashed but he fought through it and actually put on a decent show. I didn't even mind that he was hitting on my girlfriend right in front of me after the show...I finally got to see him in concert and it gave me a Gary Stewart story to tell that I'll never forget.
Gary Stewart  02/20/2007            
Easily one of the best "honky-tonkin" albums ever made. You hear all the time about singers who lived their songs, but Gary was definitly one of the few. Whether you're tapping your feet to the rhythm of the classics sung like only he can sing them, or hanging onto every word as you know he's pulling his heart out, cryin' in his beer - this is one helluva album.
Gary Stewart  03/25/2006            
i would give hime more stars if i could. he's pretty much the only true country music singer/song writer and will always be king of the honky tonks.too i think more people listen to his music than he ever thought, he just never really got radio play, he didn't go commercial and sell out, he kept it real
Gary Stewart  01/29/2006            
Sean Wilson
This is the man. The King of the Texas hole in the wall get your ass kicked for looking at ole' boy the wrong way honk tonk. If it were not for drugs this man would be look upon as the one of the top 3 greats in country music. It's cryin shame he was before my time, but at least i can still always find him in a " Whiskey Trip"
Gary Stewart  11/26/2005            
gary is great
yeah well I like this guy, but have you noticed the weird way that they try to advertise on each musician's calling. They tempt you to go to "-------- ---------'s other fans are buying" and it's always the same group of bands...always...give me a break. We aren't stupid here ya know. Be honest, all you want us to do is navigate to the supposedly "hot ones"....I thought Texas Music was all about "the other"...not Nashville stuff. Come on.
Gary Stewart  09/20/2005            
Although I'll never have the chance to ever see Gary at Billy Bob's, I always wanted to. This is as close as I will ever get. You can play this cd close your eyes and see him on stage. Very well produced live CD.
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