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As you might expect from their name, the Geezinslaws were a musical comedy outfit who based their recording career on barroom-friendly parodies of popular country songs. They were originally known as the Geezinslaw Brothers, but actually consisted of singer/mandolin player Sammy Allred and singer/guitarist Raymond "Son" Smith, who attended high school together in Austin, TX. They began performing locally, and in 1961 caught their big break when they were invited to appear on Arthur Godfrey's hit variety show. That helped lead to a record deal with Columbia, which issued their first album, The Kooky World of the Geezinslaw Brothers, in 1963; by this time, they'd relocated to New York permanently. They subsequently moved over to Capitol and recorded four albums for the label between 1966-1969, scoring minor hit singles with songs like "Chubby (Please Take Your Love to Town)" and "You Wouldn't Put the Shuck on Me." They continued to appear on TV variety shows, including those of Johnny Carson, Ed Sullivan, and Jackie Gleason, and became regulars on Ralph Emery's radio program Pop Goes the Country. The Geezinslaw Brothers all but disappeared during the '70s, but suddenly returned with their name shortened to the Geezinslaws in 1986, when they appeared on the Emery-hosted Nashville Now TV show. They returned to recording in 1989 with The Geezinslaws, released on the Step One label, which mixed song parodies with more straight-ahead country. 1990's World Tour followed a similar pattern, and 1992's Feelin' Good, Gittin' Up, Gittin' Down gave them their first chart single in over two decades with "Help, I"m White and I Can't Get Down." They toured a bit more frequently during the early '90s, and issued a full-on comedy record in 1994 with I Wish I Had a Job to Shove. Another effort, Blah...Blah...Blah, followed in 1997, and now their new 2005 release, The Eclectic Horseman.
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Average Rating : 4              Total Reviews: 4

Geezinslaws  12/31/2007            
One of the great bands of all time. Not only can they play with the best of them, but they are funny in their own special way.
Geezinslaws  11/25/2007            
loyal listener
absolutely fantastic/funny/great talent/must have more!!!!
Geezinslaws  03/12/2007            
A couple of the finest musicians out there, with nice harmonies and sweet mandolin licks. These guys keep me laughing for hours.
Geezinslaws  02/25/2007            
J.D. Bailey
Please tell me the Geezinslaws have broken up. If it weren't for Sammy being on the radio every morning for 4 hours, no one would even know this band existed. And that's how it should be.
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