George Ensle

George Ensle
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George Ensle is a songpainter. Sometimes he uses broad strokes to paint hilltop sunsets, tree lined rivers, and mountain ranges, and sometimes he paints with fine detail the portraits of everyday people, the unsung heroes he captures in song.
Real characters like Uncle Jack, the crusty old bachelor who gets a little bit too tight at times, but is still a boy's best friend, tucking him in on the sofa summer Saturday nights.
Characters like the housewife who dances across the kitchen to a golden oldie after her kids and husband have gone for the day. And the Circuit preacher who drives a dusty old black Ford. And the Father who sings his long distance lullaby. And the widow who feeds the birds outside her kitchen window,and lives in a state of grace. And the Mother who sings her children to sleep beside a tiny fire beneath a third world moon. And the troubadour,Ensle's amigo, Townes Van Zandt, "ragged as the wind, pure as the snow."
For these troubled times, Ensle captures the human condition with characters who inspire us to carry on. He paints with the brush of compassion and hope.

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07/01/2012 - Small Town Sundown(A Movie in Song) - Read More
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