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Guy Forsyth
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It’s been a long and dusty, winding road for Austin singer/songwriter Guy Forsyth that’s lead to a recent surge in praise over his dazzling live shows and his rich Americana roots sound. Forsyth (vocals, acoustic, electric, & slide guitar, harmonica, ukulele, singing saw), along with Will Landin (bass/tuba) and Rob Hooper (drums/Cajon), bring a unique mixture of styles such as folk, rock, country, and Tin Pan Alley to create a sound that’s as heterogeneous, raw and compelling as America itself. You’ll hear powerhouse vocals deliver energetic yarns about love, the government and the apocalypse, to name a few, as Forsyth and company squeeze everything they have into each song and rarely come up for air. Forsyth brought his skills as a stellar live performer to help found and make infamous nationwide the theatrical acoustic group The Asylum Street Spankers. He gave Wammo his first washboard and Christina Marrs her first guitar and ukelele. His time with the Spankers touring and recording 5 albums added to a wealth of earlier unique experiences in his life – working as a stuntman in renaissance shows, busking on the streets of New Orleans and playing on a mountain top in Nepal – which provided him musical fodder to be refined in the songs of Forsyth’s numerous solo albums. The release of his latest, Calico Girl, which features new songs as well as re-recordings of some of Guy’s most popular songs from 1999’s Can You Live Without, marks the fourth album for the record label he started in 2002, Small and Nimble Records. Guy is known today as a musician with gripping, powerful vocals as well as a master of numerous instruments. He started his musical development first with singing, and began playing harmonica at 16. Shortly thereafter he heard a very distinct and overwhelming sound on Kansas City radio that changed his life; it was Robert Johnson. After that, he borrowed a guitar, fell in love and learned to tune it with his feet from a friend who had lost both his arms in an accident. In college, he lasted a single semester at the University of Kansas, and then he found the music he had been seeking – gritty, organic folk and blues, “from a practical hands-on, gears, joints and joists level.” And he struck out to learn it. Since then, he’s been awarded an Austin Music Award for Best Male Vocalist in 2005, as well as numerous other AMA’s over the years in categories such as Blues and Best Miscellaneous Instrument Player (singing saw), among others. Last year’s 2-disc live record, Unrepentant Schizophrenic Americana, was received very well by critics and fans alike. In the past year, Forsyth has stepped up his touring significantly to reach fans in the Southwest, Southeast, East Coast, and Midwest United States, as well as continuing to play in Europe several times each year. Guy has been featured in a number of large festivals recently, including the Austin City Limits Music Fest in 2005 and 2007 (Austin), High Sierra Music Festival (Northern California), Los Alamos Festival (New Mexico), BBQ & Blues Festival (New York), Tonder Festival (Denmark), and Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Festival (Belgium). He will continue broadening his tour base throughout 2008, taking his live show to new cities and festivals. His confirmed appearances upcoming this year include Chicago’s American Music Festival, the Ottowa Blues Fest, Kerrville Folk Festival and Rochester’s Bricktown Festival. Forsyth has opened for and shared the stage with musicians such as BB King, Ray Charles, Lucinda Williams, Jimmy Vaughn, Dr. John, Robert Cray, among many others.
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Guy Forsyth  06/13/2008            
All of the tracks sound great and really do justice to Guy Forsyth and the band members - which is a pretty tall order. There is really nothing that beats seeing them live - but this is really damn good. Title track "Calico Girl" sets the tone with a lonesome-sounding harmonica intro that wasn't present in the CYLW version and maracas that lend an almost wicked foreshadowing, countering Forsyth's more intimate "whisper-in-your-ear" mood. "Faith" - With male voices instead of female backing up on this version, "Faith" takes on harder, heavier edge. The harp has a bit more prominence in this one too (listen around 2:05 for those playing at home.) Even with harmonica getting more of the 'spotlight', the guitar work still seems heavier than the Can You Live Without version. "Children of Jack" - Forsyth's increased range really shows in this song. "Children of Jack" and "If I was Sick" both showcase the deeper range of his voice ten years later. "True Friends" finds Forsyth sounding wiser, his voice a bit stronger on this track then he did 10 years ago. This will definitely be in my rotation for quite awhile.
Guy Forsyth  07/07/2006            
Amazing!! Not commenting to just blow your horn, but to let a true artist know that you are justified, vaildated, and certainly appreciated for sharing your creative gift and talent!! Thank You Mr Forsyth Yours Truly Scotty Met you at JJ's in Fort Worth
Guy Forsyth  04/11/2006   
This Guy is amazing. A truly gifted musician with a knack for the gritty sexiness of the blues. But just when you think you've completely figured his music out, he'll hit the crowd with the comic honesty of "Whatever" or the sweet serenade of "Dia, Denise, Diana and You". When Guy's onstage he's the personification of that adage about the X Factor: all the women want to be with him and all the men want to be like him.
Guy Forsyth  01/04/2006            
i used to watch him maybe even ten years ago and still remember himas one of the greatest artist! Go GUY!
Guy Forsyth  08/27/2005            
Guy Forsyth  07/24/2005            
Having being blessed with a preview copy of this CD, all I can say is don't be thrown off by the artwork. This is Guy's best CD to date. Each song has the emotion that is emitted with every note, and the quality of the recording and tightness of the band cannot be compaired to any releas to this date.
Guy Forsyth  07/20/2004            
hottest bassplayer ever! oh yeah, and the music kicks ass too...
Guy Forsyth  11/26/2003            
I honestly cannot say enough about Guy! He absolutely owns whatever stage he is on. He has this aura/charisma thing that just captivates you and demands your attention. His band is made up of the 3 most talented people you could ever imagine. I have traveled everywhere to see him play, and every time I leave his show, I feel blessed for having been there.
Guy Forsyth  10/14/2003            
This guy consistently puts on an incredible show--catch one if you can. Steak and Needlegun contain some very satisfying tunes as well.
Guy Forsyth  11/27/2001            
Karen T
Steak is a tremendous CD. It's got a great mix of America blues, folk and southern accent. Every song is a winner, and you'll never get tired of it!
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