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Hal Ketchum
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The words that come to mind when one mentions the artist Hal Ketchum are soul, killer voice, handsome devil, integrity, talent, craftsman, artist, creativity, longevity, amazing songwriter, the list could go on and on forever. His talents are literally endless. His voice is still the best there is. Never missing a note, he amazes the producers he sings for every time, and amazes his fans show after show. Blazing on the scene in the early 90's Hal struck radio gold with his first single Small Town Saturday Night which shot to number one on the country charts. This caused Curb Records to come from LA to Nashville and set up shop. Mike Curb CEO and owner of Curb Records refers to Hal as his "cornerstone artist." Indeed he is. Hal's success continued with 15 top ten hits, proving he was here to stay, selling over four million records. And stay he has. His latest release "One More Midnight" on Curb Records hit stores in the UK only in February. Critics there are hailing this as his masterpiece. His voice is truly sounding better than ever. This award winning singer songwriter and Grand Ole Opry member is proving that he can still dazzle his faithful fans as well as draw in many new ones. Hal kicked off his new release with a tour of Ireland, England and Scotland in February with all shows sold out. Recently Hal said, "I love my live shows, getting in front of my people, they give me the drive and enthusiasm to make more music. This new record is a true Hal record, I think my fans will be more than happy." We're happy to be yearning for the new record from the man with the killer voice. The US release will be later this year! Be on the lookout for a new collaboration with Hal and Steve Miller. Hal lives in Nashville with his wife Gina(to see them in Hal's I Saw The Light video, click here) and their three children Rosie age 10, Ruby Joy, 6, Sophia Grace, 3 and their dog Sam. Rumor has it, that his is the only estate in Nashville with a tomahawk target field, for the man of the house to get his practice in when he comes off the road to relax and unwind with a friendly "game of throwing hawks." He often hosts the television show "Opry Live" which airs on Saturday nights on GAC, the Great American Country Network with his "Opry Family." Hal became a member in 1994. Hal's original paintings sold out at his opening at the Penna Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He does plan on having more shows, once he has the time to paint a new collection! His songwriting is hot. The title track of the new record, One More Midnight, which Ketchum penned, is already in the forthcoming Frances Ford Coppola film starring Sienna Miller. Hal has had his songs recorded by many artists including Trisha Yearwood and Neal Diamond. He has five million-air awards from BMI, acknowledging those songs that have been broadcast over one million times. We look forward to hearing a million more from this amazing singer and songwriter. Hal just got out of the studio recording 14 new songs live to two track! The new CD on Curb records will feature a DVD bonus of the studio sessions! Look for it by years end to hit the Americana airwaves and stores! Once this amazing project is available we here at halketchum.com will put a link in the news section of the site to purchase it, so check back often!!! Very exciting for all Hal fans!
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Hal Ketchum  03/01/2012            
A beautiful voice with a beautiful spirit.
Hal Ketchum  08/15/2009            
The greatest singer/songwriter of our time... True Poet!
Hal Ketchum  10/05/2007            
I want to say that Hal Ketchum is the best singer and true songwriter. He is very special to me and my husband.....
Hal Ketchum  04/25/2006            
Shana Kersh
my favorite by Hal Ketchum will always be "Mama knows the Highway"
Hal Ketchum  04/20/2004            
Overlooked and under appreciated. An amazing voice and a truly excellent writer.
Hal Ketchum  03/23/2004            
Hal is AWESOME!! An intelligent, witty, multi-talented, down-to-earth man. His music is timeless, his talent raw and "real", his live performances flawless. One of the few truly gifted artists. YOU MUST SEE HIM LIVE!!
Hal Ketchum  05/02/2003            
I've been a fan of Hal Ketchum's music since the first song I heard on the radio. In my opinion, he is a talented songwriter. His songs are heartfelt, earthy, soulful and inspiring. His voice is smooth and true. With a depth and range that could outshine even the most talented and trained vocalists--(compare to Andrea Bocelli). Yet, there is nothing that is "pre-packaged" about his style. It's natural -- a bit of country/ americana with a blend of romance, reality and integrity that speaks to the very heart of a person. Each song is truly a work of art.
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