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Country Music As It Was Meant To Be Refreshing indeed. With help from powerhouse band, Hazzard, singer/songwriter Dana Hazzard pens the final chapter of Yellow House history with unsurpassed maturity, insight, and that old-school country groove. A familiar face from the Stillwater-based abode that was once home to Red Dirt music demi-gods Cody Canada, Jason Boland, and Stoney LaRue, this one-time Straggler's recent effort with bandmates Mark LeMond (acoustic guitar), Christian Dean (lead & rhythm guitar), Matt Murphy (bass), and Jamie Dotson (drums) makes a welcome u-turn to country music's roots with thought-provoking lyrics, masterful melodies, and solid-gold harmony. Look for this northeastern Oklahoma band's debut, Choices, in 2008.
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Hazzard  03/21/2008            
Geary Crofford
These guys put on a hell of a show at the Wormy Dog in OKC on March 20. They are talented and true to their roots and deserve all the support we can give them. Get the CD and check them out live ASAP!!!
Hazzard  02/20/2008            
WOW ! most of the time you either get a good band that can do a pretty good live show but the cd may not be as good or just the opposite.. This is NOT the case here .. THESE GUYS ROCK and the cd is one for anybody to enjoy.. Great mixing, great songs, great muscians, great C.D. !! and Great Band !!! spend the money , buy the cd. Get out of the house, go watch them...you wont be dissapointed..
Hazzard  02/13/2008            
Adam Adams
Man!It's about time!! SO nice to hear authentic country music again.These guys delivery of true life in verse,will own YOU once you let it in your soul.I can't say enough good about this band-HAZZARD!They will go far.
Hazzard  02/04/2008            
This band's new release is a true country hit. Soulful, truthful, hits you where the heart is. Something for everyone to relate to.
Hazzard  02/02/2008            
Fantastic band. There CD is awesome! Look for these guys to go to the top of the charts
Hazzard  01/30/2008            
All REAL country music fans HAVE to get the HAZZARD CD. I love the single At It Again - but, the rest of the album is even better!!! Can't Blame a Woman - would ABSOLUTELY go to the top of all charts!
Hazzard  01/26/2008            
Okie G-man
If you like REAL country,you'll love this!Where have these dudes been hiding?The Harmony and musicianship of this band is far above most I've heard.Watch out for HAZZARD!
Hazzard  01/26/2008            
classic country music penned and picked by the "old souls" who have lived it. truly refreshing.
Hazzard  01/24/2008            
Jason Boland
Hazzard's music is like a drink of fine whiskey to the parched throat of those who thirst for country music as it was meant to be.
Hazzard  01/06/2008            
Charles I.
This band is the real deal. For those of you who are tired of the pop-flavored music that radio is passing off as "country" give them a listen.
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