Jaiy Randy Band

Jaiy Randy Band
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While attending Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University), Jaiy Braulick and Randy Pawelek organized a rock band, playing college parties, Cheathum Street Warehouse, various venues in Austin, San Marcos and San Antonio under the band named “Everclear”. The group played together for around four years, but eventually the real world caught up, and after graduation, Braulick and Pawelek moved on to find steady careers outside of music. Currently, Jaiy Braulick is a Project Manager for Bartlett Cocke General Contractors in Austin, Texas and Randy Pawelek is Chairman & CEO of Bartlett Cocke General Contractors at its corporate offices in San Antonio, Texas.  The band recorded three songs in a studio in Victoria, Texas and stamped two songs to vinyl in 1978. Thirty-four years later, Pawelek found and sent the original recordings on two-inch tape to Los Angeles to see if he could have them copied to a digital format. Not only did they get the recordings copied, they were able to convert all the analog information to separate digital tracks! So with a dream of recording a full album, the wheel begin to roll to complete their first full CD, titled “A Moment in Time” which includes four old “Everclear” songs and six new songs written by Pawelek. They recorded the album at BGM Studio in San Antonio with an array of guest musicians under the name the Jaiy Randy Band. The musical qualities feature sounds of 34 years ago, plus a type of coastal-inspired country and rock. After all many of the songs were written on Pawelek’s back porch overlooking the beaches of Port Aransas.

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