Jared Pete Gile

Jared Pete Gile
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For Jared “Pete” Gile, the formula is simple: “Do what you love to do, until you’re too broke to do it anymore or you’re dead.” Lucky for him, and his fans, he’s alive and well, and so is his music career. A career that in less than 3 years has taken him from performing in small smoky bars scattered across his home state of Kansas, to performing in clubs and honkytonks across the entire Midwest region of the United States. Gile cut his musical teeth during his college years, entertaining crowds in the bars of Manhattan, Kansas. It was here that he was introduced to the some of the artists responsible for the recent rise in popularity of Americana music. During these formative years as a musician, Gile’s songwriting ability matured and since, has garnered praise from his audiences both near and far following the release of his first album. In May of 2003, Gile cut his 15-song debut album, “Modern Day Mountain Man”, in Texas with producer Steve Palousek (Cross Canadian Ragweed, Mike McClure Band). Members of the well-respected Red Dirt Band, the Stragglers, Texas guitar virtuoso Rodney Pyeatt, gifted bassist Rankin Peters, and many other talented musicians joined Gile in the studio to make up his studio band. Marc Ringwood of TexasTroubadours.com, a website that has reviewed hundreds of artists had this to say, “What can be said of his debut effort is that his writing style is ahead of its time. Few artists are at this level of writing early on in their career, and those who are will be left standing when all is said and done….. For those thirsting for the best new artist out there, search no more.” Gile, whose sound has been classified as everything from Americana, to Alternative Country to Mountain Rock, connects with his audiences wherever he plays through his unique songwriting style. Those who appreciate honesty in music, coupled with songwriting that captures audiences by the soul, will be fulfilled by the music of Jared “Pete” Gile, whether he is playing solo to a room of listeners or rocking a roadhouse with his full band.
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Average Rating : 4.9              Total Reviews: 10

Jared Pete Gile  07/30/2007            
Mike Honcho
Wow, can't stop Listening to this album. The Live Tracks are great. Mike Marquette, Ks
Jared Pete Gile  02/16/2007            
hill brother
awesome cd...check out his new one on his myspace or his website..."what would hanks williams say" kicks ass!!!
Jared Pete Gile  02/14/2007            
Sweet ablum
Jared Pete Gile  01/16/2007            
Carl Hungus
Great lyrics and vocals on this album. If you get a chance to see this guy live he puts on a great show. CH
Jared Pete Gile  10/30/2006            
So, I think you need a myspace, so I can have one of your songs added to my myspace profile!! I tried looking you up! I love you voice and your songs. Keep it up and come visit Illinois sometime! One of your biggest fans, Miss Keegan
Jared Pete Gile  03/06/2006            
Kansas Girl
This CD is amazing!!!
Jared Pete Gile  11/15/2005            
Modern Day Mountain Man is a great album! Pete is a great songwriter and performs accoustically as good as anyone I've seen.
Jared Pete Gile  07/31/2005            
A CD worth taking a serious look at. Jared “Pete” Gile has a great sound and his songs are extremely heartfelt.
Jared Pete Gile  07/28/2005            
The Cute One
Your Music Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jared Pete Gile  07/08/2005            
Q Dub
This album is great. He is not a native Texan, but he sings with the soul of a Texan. This boy from Kansas sings of getting drunk at Willie Nelson's Picnic, living on a farm, living on the road, and broken hearts. Over all a great first album for a underrated songwriter.
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