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Jeff Allen
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Somewhere down a gravel road where Mellencamp intersects with Willie and rock n’ roll swagger meets country music candor, Jeff Allen has staked a solid claim. A Texas born singer/songwriter with a riveting stage presence and an uncanny gift for penning heart piercing lyrics, Allen has that rare ability to blur the line between outlaw attitude and mainstream accessibility.

His no-holds-barred brand of country exemplifies the spirit of the Lone Star State, and Allen’s fan base continues to grow with the release of his latest self-titled EP “Jeff Allen”. Produced by Kenny Greenberg (The Mavericks, Allison Moorer) and songwriter Odie Blackmon, who has penned hits for George Strait and Martina McBride, the six-song EP showcases Allen’s compelling vocals and the emotional weight he infuses into every lyric. From the pained resignation that echoes through “Wrong Ones” to the sensual come on “Nobody’s Watchin’” or the bluesy exuberance of “Elvis Loves a Cadillac”, Allen delivers a tour de force performance every time.

Performing for discriminating Texas audiences helped define Allen’s artistry. “Texans know what they like; they’ve been spoiled by guys like Billy Joe Shaver and Ray Wiley Hubbard. It’s been so exciting to see people respond. Feeling like we belong is a huge thing for us. Getting to play places like Gruene Hall and the Coupland Inn and Dance Hall outside of Austin, and having a crowd show up is huge for us. We would appreciate a crowd in Illinois too, but to know that they could be up the street watching Ray Wiley and have people come out to our shows is really cool for us!”

Working with Blackmon and Greenberg on his new EP feels like a new chapter for Allen. “This is the first time I’m feeling like the music is exactly the direction that I want to head,” Allen admits. “There’s a cohesive feel to the project. I feel like this is so much more of a representation of who I am.”

The result is a collection of songs that resonate with honest emotion. A talented songwriter, Allen taps into that smoldering feeling of love and desire on “Burnin’” and revisits innocence lost in “Teenage Paradise.” “Wrong Ones” is about a doomed relationship that came from real life heartbreak. “There were so many things about it that were like everything I thought I wanted,” he says of that relationship, “but it was the wrong kind of love in so many ways.”

The First single “Little Less Lonely” is an evocative look at two strangers trading isolation for a little comfort. IT’s a perfect showcase for Allen’s earthy, honest vocals. “Nobody’s Watchin’” is an up-tempo rocker written by Allen, Greenberg and Blackmon that never fails to get audiences on their feet. Another crowd favorite is “Elvis Loves a Cadillac,” which features guest vocals Greenberg’s wife, Grammy winner Ashley Cleveland. “It’s got that ZZ Top rock feel and it’s one of our favorite songs to play out,” says Allen. “It’s really got some balls to it. It’s a lot of fun.”

It’s a collection that reflects Allen’s varied influences from Charlie Robison to Bruce Springsteen, yet distills the essence of who Jeff Allen is as an artist and spotlights the gifts that make him unique. “I’m not trying to hit a certain vein or niche. I’m just doing what I do,” he says. “All the influences that I have, be it rock or country, come together. The Black Crowes bleed through in “Nobody’s Watchin’” and “Teenage Paradise” reflects how much I love John Mellencamp and Bob Seger. I hope people just hear good music when it comes down to it. If you appreciate and relate to the songs in some way, that’s the end goal.”

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Jeff Allen  08/17/2012            
Amanda & Jimmy
Love his music & personality! We had the chance to hang out with him & his crew at the Corpus Christi show & they were awesome. Down to earth. Wish there were more out there like him.
Jeff Allen  08/26/2010            
i just saw him today at the Minnesota state fair. me and my best friend bought his c.d and his t-shirt and he signed both. i also meet him and took a picture is a super hansom and sweet man. oh and he is at the fair again tomorrow august 27. hope you guys also cheek out his website
Jeff Allen  08/19/2009            
Jeff's debut cd is just amazing! Great vocals, great sound and heartfelt real lyrics. And to see him live is even better because you can see how much fun he and the band have doing what they love! Can hardly wait for the next cd!
Jeff Allen  08/18/2009            
Jeff Allen is a very talented young man. Not only does he write the songs he sings, but when he steps on stage he has a charisma that I haven't seen since Elvis left the building!
Jeff Allen  08/18/2009            
Jeff is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter. He's definitely one of my favorites.
Jeff Allen  08/17/2009            
This CD is awesome! You can really relate to the songs. Great vocals and sound. This CD is all my daughter will listen too
Jeff Allen  08/17/2009            
If you haven't heard Jeff Allen's music yet, you should get this cd. You will love it. It is so fun to sing along with in the car. Jeff writes his own songs and they have special meaning to him. My favorites are "I Can't Trust Myself" and "You've Gotta Stop This" and "Running Out of Ways". I've seen him perform live several times and he tells his own stories for the songs he writes. Very cool! So, if you're ready for some new Texas music, give this cd a try! You won't be sorry. I promise. He can rock with the best of them!
Jeff Allen  08/17/2009            
Jeff is an awesome entertainer, singer & song writer. You can not, not love him! He is so full of energy at his shows. You want to get up on stage and be a part of it. He is a people person & loves all is Fans. If you just see one of his shows your hooked for life. His song "Raised on Gettin By" has reached #17 on the Charts. If you haven't seen him you better do it soon....
Jeff Allen  08/17/2009            
Im absolutely in love with this cd as is my granddaughter! I listen to it maybe way too much but the songs are catchy and meaningful. I for one would like to thank Jeff and his band for their awesome music. THANK YOU, Jeff!!
Jeff Allen  08/17/2009            
Jeff Allen's music is a gift to Texas & Country Music! Jeff is an amazing songwriter and artist... and he is the nicest artist you'll meet in country music. He connects with his fans and is honest to the craft of writing, singing and performing country music. His writing is real, it is from life, is honest, true and we all can connect with it on various levels. Not to mention his live shows are packed with energy and an honest connection with his audience. Jeff's current single is eagerly moving up the Texas Music Charts... check out his music!
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