Jerry Audley

Jerry Audley
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Though born in Dallas, Jerry Audley was raised all over central Texas due to his family's frequent moves. He currently resides in Anna, Texas with his wife of fifteen years. Jerry has had a great love for music his entire life. He frequently sang in church programs and preformed in school plays and musicals when he was a young boy. He performed in Rock N' Roll bands as a teenager and into his early twenties. He toured the country with his own band, who released two albums on Anchor Records. Jerry produced a video that aired on MTV and took 2nd place singing in the GMC National Talent Competition. "It was a great feeling being acknowledged for what I love doing," he says. Jerry demonstrated considerable promotional savvy when he hooked up with Pro Wrestler Cary VonEric for commercials touting his headline appearance at Reunion Arena in Dallas. His first trips to Nashville to test the national waters saw him sleeping in his truck and showering in roadside parks while trying to get in and somehow meet somebody who could help him. He finally found another aspiring artist to room with and spent two years living in Nashville. "I graduated from Hard Knox University," he says. While there he recorded several projects, sang demos and wrote many songs with accredited writers such as Glenn Sutton, Ash Underwood, Les Rawlings, Ray Hood, and Tim Johnson, to name a few. He spent one year in acting class, one year with vocal coach Bo Sebastian, and one year in Media Image classes, where he was told he was a natural. These days, with interest growing in this talented Texan's music, Jerry is finding that his passion for the music has gotten stronger as he gets closer to his breakthrough. He says, "I'm working as hard as I've ever worked. It just doesn't seem like work when I'm doing what I love, what I've dreamed about since I was a small boy. Thank God for all the blessings and lessons."
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Jerry Audley  07/19/2010            
Though he sounds good on the radio, you should really get to know him as a person.... Not at all what he says he is. He is a liar and a cheater. He talks the talk but by no means does he walk the walk !!!
Jerry Audley  01/30/2010            
What a great album from start to finish, it doesn't get any more Texas or Country than this one. Finally real country you can dance to! I'm looking forward to more from Mr. Audley great job.
Jerry Audley  08/28/2009            
Terry Hucks-GM KDCD Lonestar True Country
Jerry Audley is the real deal. Jerry remains true to he's Texas roots and continues to release hit after hit. Jerry's not only a great singer,songwriter and entertainer, he's a class act and "Storm" is one of our most requested songs on Lonestar 92.9. Keep on truckin Jerry. Terry Hucks-GM KDCD Lonestar 92.9 325-947-0899w. 3434 Sherwood Way San Angelo, Texas 76901
Jerry Audley  04/30/2009            
Billy Fred
Two #1's on the Texas Charts, I've heard him in a barn in Celina, that was Texas enough for us we had a blast!
Jerry Audley  01/05/2009            
You are not Texas Country
Jerry Audley  05/14/2008            
I recently heard "Lucky Me Lonely You" on The Ranch coming home to OK via Ft Worth and caught the song by the same album title and was blown away! The whole CD is great. There's a song for everyone on there. I highly recommended it. I do believe we'll see allot of this guy for a long time to come! Now go purchase this CD!!!
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