Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser

Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser
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A whole lot has changed, but even more has stayed the same for Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser, two brothers who have grown up making music in Texas for most of their lives. Older brother Jimmy Kaiser has been performing since the young age of three. Like most kids, Jimmy began proclaiming that he was going to grow up to be a famous singer when he was still in grade school. He took every opportunity he could find to make music. Throughout his school years, Jimmy sang in choir groups. Outside of school, he was also singing, playing guitar and bass, and writing music for rock and blues bands in Southeast Texas before he turned fourteen. Meanwhile, Jimmyís younger brother and future band mate David Lee Kaiser was beginning to make some music of his own. Inspired by growing up with a family of music lovers, David got his first drum set at age nine and began to make lots of noise. Early on, David decided that although he had been raised on the music of Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings, he wanted to play something with a little more edge to it. It wasnít long until David and Jimmy combined their musical skills and began playing rock and roll and the blues. They played together so much that their parents built a separate barn for the boys that doubled as a music room where they could practice and play all night long -- and thatís just what they did. The ďbarnĒ was where both brothers would practice with bands they played in throughout high school, and it was truly the birthplace of the music that Jimmy and David Lee play today. During their college years, both brothers began to return to their country music roots. They were intrigued and inspired by the musical styles of artists like Robert Earl Keen and Jerry Jeff Walker. The rock and alternative music the brothers were playing at that time began to take on an outlaw country flair, and it gradually crossed over to the open boundaries of alternative Texas country music. After Jimmy and David graduated from Texas Tech and began down their respective career paths in advertising and pharmaceutical sales, they still found some time to make music together, but it wasnít enough. Having played together and in separate bands over the years, Jimmy and David came to realize that their best times occurred when they were able to share the stage together, but the career paths they were heading down didnít allow much time for their music. After playing for a couple of years with a Beaumont based band Honky Tonk Jones, they realized that their true passion for music was what they needed to pursue. So thatís exactly what they did. With the songs they had written throughout the years, they left corporate America behind and began playing together in local bars and clubs all over Texas. Their CD entitled Spurlock Road offers a glimpse of what it was like growing up near the Texas Gulf Coast. Hints of the brothersí musical influences can be found throughout the CD, and it also features a variety of musical sounds and styles that can only be found in Texas.
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Average Rating : 4.8              Total Reviews: 26

Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser  04/06/2014            
Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser  04/06/2014            
Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser  09/06/2004            
J. Love
Fantastic Band....Led by two fantastic guys. I remember looking up to Jimmy and David Lee while growing up, and I look up to them even more now. I'm glad to know that I knew you before all of this, makes me even more proud that you two have done this well. Keep up the great music guys. Can't wait til the next CD!
Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser  08/13/2004            
This is the one of the best debut albums I have ever heard in any genre. Jimmy and David are genuine musicians and songwriters. They keep it real and will never forget where they came from. Check their calendar for shows becuase you must see these guys live. Keep rocking Kaisers!
Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser  08/02/2004            
I remember when these guys played in their barn. I was a fan then and still a fan now. They are great live. Their cd is great. If you haven't bought one, you need to check it out. It's addicting.
Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser  07/18/2004            
Listen to the CD once and you'll fall in love. Watch play live and you'll become a hard core fan.
Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser  07/13/2004            
10 stars if possible Down home feeling and you can relate to the music. Best cd ever. Texas Country at its best. I'm dating Psycho........
Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser  06/15/2004            
i love these guys. growing up not far from spurlock road, the song best times is about everything that i remember doing back in high school, especially drinkin beer and singin jimmy buffett at crystal beach. these guys have some talent.
Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser  06/02/2004            
This one, on the other hand, I like alright. Sounds like David Allan Coe and Johnny Paycheck fighting over a microphone with broken whiskey bottles and some broad in a halter top egging 'em on til her tits pop out. Reminds me of Mom.
Jimmy and David Lee Kaiser  05/22/2004            
simon c.
you've got a future in the business
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