John Tracy

John Tracy
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To say that John Tracy has a passion for music would be an understatement. Some might say he gave up everything to pursue what was in his heart. But John Tracy will tell you it's what he gained that really matters. The desire to make music is a passion that has burned brightly for this Texas native since he started playing guitar and writing songs as a teenager. While his friends were listening to the era's popular music, he much preferred James Taylor, Jim Croce, and other artists with a simpler style of storytelling and an authentic sound. He attended college, married, raised two daughters, and worked for 20 years in the family business. And while the work enriched him financially, it did not satisfy his soul. So with the support of his family, John Tracy walked away from the life he knew and into the life he wanted. The result is a new CD entitled "Slow Down", recorded at Rough Wood Studios. Singing songs he wrote, Tracy plays acoustic guitar while backed by an array of talented musicians who accompany him and round out the sound. Inspired by an abiding faith in God, John Tracy's lyrics are reflective and thought provoking. Messages of love unfold from song to song, anchored by a voice that is richly colored, deep, and always kind. It's a gentle, not-quite country and not-quite folk sound that Tracy hopes will move and perhaps inspire others to slow down, follow their dreams, and find the love that really matters in life. It's also a style of music that is much like John Tracy himself - authentic. Of his new release, he says: "Finally letting go of all that logic said was right and allowing God to take control of my destiny, it seems fitting to make this the title track for the CD. After a career of more than 20 years in a family business, headed for a heart attack and chronic health problems from stress overdose, I walked away from everything secure in my life. I now can look toward the future with hope and restoration instead of misery and an early grave. I wrote this song almost 10 years ago, but I guess God had to bring me to a point where I was completely on empty before I would take heed to the words. My hope is that these songs will move you and stir every emotion - even inspire you on the journey to your hopes and dreams."
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