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Jon Fox
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In an industry that is obsessed with the quick fix, the pre-packaged, and the willingness to follow trends, some might say that Jon Fox has already won by continuing to do what he loves. He would, however, argue that the best is yet to come. Recent signs are certainly pointing in that direction. An honorary Texan from North Carolina, Fox is now headquartered in Austin, the music capital of the Lone Star State. Fox has just completed his debut album, and American Idol it is not. There is nothing in his music that is not 100% original. This is exactly the way Fox intended it to be. He is his own man and he is doing his own musical thing. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he refuses to shuttle out the same song or lyric over and over again. Fox does manage to sprinkle in his own musical tastes - ranging from Eric Clapton to Tom Petty - without compromising the originality of his music. Like one of his heroes, Chris Knight, Fox's music concentrates on the story. The tunes are not developed with the video in mind. You get the feeling that Fox has lived the lyrics, and any image that is created by the music is a direct reflection of his life, of his experiences. Listening to Fox's new record, one gets the feeling that they are at times sitting in a smoky bar, sipping whiskey and drinking in the ambience. One can actually see what he is singing. This ability to transport listeners to a certain time and place is characteristic of many of the artists who have inspired Fox. His music emphasizes the power of story in song and makes obvious a modern need for strong lyricists. Along with the blessings of increased exposure via the music television of the 1980's came a shorter attention span among fans of music. Fox is intent on changing that. He seeks to remind people of a time when the song was as important as the images with which it was connected. Fox is forging his own musical path as he prepares for a summer acoustical tour across Texas and beyond. Fueled by his new release and a passion for performing, Fox is eager to bring his intriguing live show to new and larger audiences. He is straightforward, determined, and ready for the attention his brand of music deserves. There is no fluff, no bubblegum, when it comes to Fox. The young man himself best explains why he does music: "I play music because that's just what I do. At the end of the day, I'll let that speak for itself." This approach is refreshing and stands in stark contrast to the formulaic brand of much of today's music. It is also a sentiment shared by the artists who tend to have long, successful careers. It appears entirely appropriate to place Austin's Jon Fox in that category.
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