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Lady Jane Grey
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In today's world full of boy bands and power pop, Lady Jane Grey's music stands out as a refreshing change. It is rare to find music that is powerful, honest, and passionate while remaining accessible to the masses, but Lady Jane Grey easily accomplish this on their debut CD. Lady Jane Grey have combined the best qualities of their many influences to create a rich sound that is easy to listen to again and again. In each song one can hear a different element: the spiritedness of their Irish influences, the simplicity of folk music, the passion of Bach, the melodic hooks that can be found in acoustic-based pop. And each song is refined by Texas fire -- living in the heart of the Texas music scene has added an quality of raw earthiness that can be found in songs like "Everwater" and "Never Should Have Trusted You," both of which have been hits on Texas radio. The presentation of the songs is as important as the songwriting, and lead singer Sarah Hoover captures the very essence of each song with her passionate, soaring voice. Guitarist David Martin adds his unique style to the mix, often using alternate tunings and rhythmic playing to add depth and interest. But what truly sets the duo apart is the "third member" of the band, the cello, which is played by Sarah. It is often used as a lead instrument, taking songs like "Fire" and "Twilight" to a deeper, almost spiritual level. Lady Jane Grey's music is universal. One listener writes, "My mother can listen to this CD just as well as my best friend!" This broad appeal has won the duo a large following of loyal and enthusiastic fans that is growing daily. Their debut CD is the beginning of a relationship with two artists definitely worth getting to know.
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Lady Jane Grey  03/02/2002            
The group, Lady Jane Grey, is fantastic! Their music is the best that I have heard in years! The lyrics, style and hauntingly beautiful melodies are breathtaking. It is delightful to hear such refreshing, new concepts, and unbelievable sound that flows from Lady Jane Grey. The vocals, guitar and cello are masterfully performed. I can't get enough of their music; I am truly addicted! I'm looking forward to their great success so others can experience their wonderful talent.
Lady Jane Grey  02/28/2002   
Our journal's arts editor has Lady Jane Grey's self-titled debut in his changer all the time, alongside Innocence Mission and Over The Rhine... Gems include _Never Should Have Trusted You_ and _Fire_. The cello is great, and the overall creativity shines through despite a slightly compromised mastering on the final CD (hopefully a major label will come along and remaster!). Our only wish was for better vocal clarity and volume on the disc -- a problem that notedly does not show up on the prolific LJG MP3s that seem to be everywhere these days. Luxurious vocals in the tradition of Karin Berquist and Hoover's mentor, Mary Black. Pick it up today.
Lady Jane Grey  02/28/2002            
Jay Tope -- KTFM/KTSA Radio
What a pleasant surprise is is to hear artists who know how important lyrical content, melody and chord changes are to a song. Lady Jane Grey does a great job with all three, especially on "Twilight", the track that you'll catch yourself playing over and over just to make sure it wasn't all a sweet dream. The songwriting reminds you of Paula Cole, only with better melodic lines and more innovative stylings. Oh, and Paula only wishes she had the vocal qualities of Sarah Hoover.
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