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LANTANA’s music is eclectic - an edgy country sound - made by an all-female group which features the distinctive vocals of Biz Haddock, Karol Ann DeLong and Dalene Richelle. These women are each beautiful, talented – and driven. They strive (and succeed) to create music that is upbeat, dusted with attitude and fun for everyone. Each woman is unique, and each shares a passion for their music that has helped them navigate through some difficult times. They nurture, they provide and they love –each other, their families - and the music that they make. They thrive, just like the hardy native Texas flower from which they take their name. Together, they are LANTANA. "We laugh, we cry; we pull each other along. We were three strangers who are now three friends. We’ve become kindred spirits," says the group’s founder, Biz Haddock. A native of Dallas, Texas, Haddock formed LANTANA as an outlet for her musical aspirations – and to help her overcome an innate shyness. "I had an unusual childhood. I struck out on my own at 18 and eventually had a very successful sales career in the telecom industry," says Biz. Her sense of self-esteem blossomed with every sale, and when she gathered the nerve to sing at a friend’s wedding 10 years ago, the die was cast. Suddenly, Haddock found herself in demand at local "open mic" sessions and in clubs throughout Dallas. Her belief in herself and in her singing ability was no longer in doubt. "But I knew this was not a career that I would ever pursue as a solo artist," she says. "I’ve performed with other groups before, but I need the dynamic and the energy that Karol Ann and Dalene provide." With musical influences ranging from Alabama to AC/DC to Queen, Biz describes herself as a ‘reformed preppy rock fan’ who is monogamous in her marriage, but not in her musical tastes. Her first love is country, but she truly thrives on diversity. A runner, her i-pod is filled with tunes that keep her going – mile after mile after mile. "I feel like I can run forever when I’m listening to my music," says the stunning Texan. "There’s not a lot of ‘down’ time for us right now. I try to focus on my family and LANTANA, but I still run, write songs and paint as well." Biz can lay honest claim to her creativity; her mother is an author and publisher, and one brother is a commercial photographer. "I’ve been working on my songwriting a lot lately" she says. "I’m studying guitar and piano, and I play a little on the drums, too," Now a confident and energetic performer, Biz knows no limits and lives to excel. Her husband and two children stand firmly behind her, and their happiness is extremely important to Biz. "If my husband and children are whole and happy, then I’ll be happy," she says. "And if it’s our destiny to be successful with our music, then I’m all for that, too." Professional success and a high level of commitment to family and friends are priorities with Karol Ann DeLong as well. "I like to have fun," says Karol Ann. "But I’m very serious about my singing career, too." There is a tender side to this native of Sulphur Springs, Texas as well. "I owe a lot to my dad and my old high-school drama coach," says DeLong. "They didn’t cut me much slack. They both made me learn to really reach down inside of my gut and throw it out there." Karol Ann started singing publicly at the age of four, and remembers well her first solo in The Sound of Music. "Our church music director called my dad and asked if I could fill in for the little girl who had studied to play Gretel who’d become sick the day of the performance," she recalls. "My dad just set me down on the stage. I’ve been singing ever since –literally." A lover of country, gospel, R & B and musical theater, DeLong describes LANTANA’s music as ‘fun’ and ‘risky.’ A burgeoning songwriter, she is excited to have Haddock and Richelle as co-writing conspirators. "I will never be the lyricist of the group," she says with a grin. "But I hear melodies all of the time." In addition to her melodic and vocal talents, Karol Ann is an avid gardener who grows a variety of mints, roses and hydrangeas. She is also the group’s ‘resident crier.’ "I cry over everything," says the gorgeous brunette. "My favorite song is that old Karen Carpenter jewel, ‘Rainy Days and Mondays’ for heaven’s sake!" She is ‘totally’ in love with her husband and thrives on motherhood. "My kids love LANTANA," says Karol Ann. "They’re just waiting for the day when we have our own bus!" Karol Ann hopes that day might not be too far in the future. DeLong enjoyed personal success as a solo artist several years ago, opening for Don Williams, The Kentucky Headhunters, Lorrie Morgan and others. "I stepped back from that to have my first child and this is my first foray back into the field," she says. As a part of LANTANA, Karol Ann feels a tremendous opportunity. "There is a trust among us, and true guidance from those around us," says the sultry singer. "This really does seem to be our destiny. I have faith that we’ll connect with people who will be moved by our music – and I just want to make sure we have the best time we can while getting there." Dalene Richelle is LANTANA’s newest member. A native of Canada, Dalene was raised in the prairie land of Edmonton, Alberta. She’s been in the Dallas-area for almost four years now, and loves the Lone Star State. "I couldn’t be happier with the way this has all unfolded," says the striking blond. A well-known painter, Dalene’s acrylic creations are sought-after works of art. A talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, she was the Anthem singer and cheerleader for the Canadian Pro Football team, The Calgary Stampeders. Her musical career began early, and Dalene received her first piano from her grandfather when she was just four years old. "My Grandpa was a pianist with his own orchestra," she says modestly. "And he gave me a piano so that I could learn to play, too." Grandpa, along with Dalene’s parents, actually expected the youngster to practice. "The ‘threat’ was always that if I didn’t play, my mom would just have Grandpa take the piano back!" Luckily, the piano remained and Dalene’s love of music was firmly entrenched. Eventually, she would learn to play the mandolin and the upright bass as well. An accomplished songwriter in her own right, she claims Dolly Parton, Don Henley and Jewel as her musical influences. "Great music speaks to me," she says. The sound that Biz and Karol Ann envisioned while forming LANTANA certainly spoke to Dalene. "I felt a calling," she says. That calling would eventually lead her away from a much-loved career as a music teacher. "But I feel very guided about this whole experience," explains Dalene. "My coming here and this connection feel like destiny." Dalene is married, and she and her husband are raising their 17-year old nephew. "My husband always encourages me, and my nephew is a music-lover, too." They, along with Dalene’s sister (and best friend), are firm believers in LANTANA. "LANTANA has given me a home," she says. "And freedom to pursue my musical self." The feeling of freedom and destiny are evident in the group’s debut CD, UNBRIDLED (BGM Records). The 13-song disc is a perfect mix of the three personalities, talents and good ol’ girl savvy. Filled with top-notch material, the album contains several highlights. The group’s first single, "Country As A Girl Can Be," is a sassy tip of the hat to double-wides, Merle Haggard, fried chicken and Hee Haw. The rollicking "You Know How It Is," a groove-oriented, chorus-busting country rocker that shines. Another standout track is the mesmerizing, "Give," with its timeless message and soaring vocals. "The Juice Ain’t Worth The Squeeze," was written by the women of LANTANA, and it’s country-to-the bone, with a ripping fiddle and to-the-point vocals. "Savin’ It Up For Saturday Night" is a toe-tappin’ country ode to the joys of the weekend, while "Let Somebody Love You" explores the softer side of LANTANA. "Everything came together for us this year," says Biz. "We met through friends, and we’ve become a family." The dynamic is undeniable; the closeness is evident in the soaring harmonies and strong lead vocals which are the group’s trademark. These women are LANTANA – and this is their destiny."
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Average Rating : 4.4              Total Reviews: 30

Lantana  02/22/2007            
Cherie Gamboa
This group has it all. Their music has it's own refreshing sound, as their voices complement each other with an energy of excitement and zest. They are attractive, entertaining, and have created a down to earth feel with a zip that everyone can enjoy.
Lantana  02/22/2007            
Joe Nathan Lee
Sounds Good...Keep up the good work....
Lantana  02/22/2007            
Joe Nathan
Sound Good...Keep up the good work.....
Lantana  02/21/2007            
I think this is a great first album! The ladies' individual voices are shown off as well as their terrific harmonies. I love the variety of music they chose as well. Way to go, girls!
Lantana  02/16/2007            
I am not a freind, member of the management team or a member of the group. I am however a musician and I enjoyed Lantana's "Unbridled". Was it the best I have ever heard? Not really, but very few are. Are the three girls the best singers in the world? Not necessarily, but neither are a large group of artists who are considered "huge stars". Is Lantana pleasing to the ears and eyes? Most certainly. Would I buy their next CD? Yes, without hesitation. Do I have something stuck up my butt that causes me attack hard working musicians and artists based on my own personal inadequacies and shortcomings? No, and that's "The Truth"
Lantana  02/16/2007            
The Truth
Ah yes..... the plaintive sounds of band members and band member husbands/boyfriends. You keep worrying about the spelling of words, I will continue letting people know what the definition of "fraud" is. Don't spam this site, and I won't have to say anything else.
Lantana  02/15/2007            
I will write my review when I am done laughing at The Truth! What a character! They should at least learn how to spell so as to not look quite that dumb while obviously bitter. Personally, I have enjoyed Unbridled and look forward to seeing them again at Country Thunder.
Lantana  02/15/2007            
Patty Landon
The Lantana Album Unbridled has turned this Midwest family into true country fans. My 15 and 17 year old daughters that mostly listen to hip hop, now not only listen to Lantana, but have many of the songs from Unbridled as their ring tones.
Lantana  02/15/2007            
The Truth
Are you all kidding me?? I love it when the friends/management/band members of some group start a giant self-promotion campaign using this website. Usually I would have a nice long explanation of why this is ridiculous music, because invariably it is bad music. However, for my review of their music is, put simply, a sad joke. But here's the real issue... these three are more of a cautionary tale to the weakminded music fan who easily falls prey to the effects and power of advertising and promotion in Texas Music. Can you really make Texas Music Fans buy a cheap, taudry, more Fundamental and politically agreeable version of the Dixie Chicks? How many sheep are out there?
Lantana  02/14/2007            
C Smithson
I can't wait to hear their next album. Life is Good was a really great start and Unbridled is following in its footsteps. Keep chugging along ladies!
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