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Lembo Allen
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1966 - Born May 2, 1966 to Lem and Susan Allen, in Luling, Texas, music has been a part of my life since day one. My mom, dad, and brother are talented musicians as well. I literally can't remember a day in my life that didn't at least include listening to a song on the radio. As a kid, our house was always full of friends that came by to visit. Sing-a-longs were popular, with mom on the piano, and our good friend John Holloway on the guitar. We sang everything including Elvis, Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra, Bob Wills, Jerry Jeff and Willie. The harmonies were good and bad, but it didn't matter... it was fun!!! Playing trombone in high school and throughout college and law school, I've always been involved in music. I have sung in public with various bands throughout my life, but I never considered pursuing singing or performing as a career until recently. Music is my passion. Oldies, classical music, rock and roll, and mariachi music are some of my favorites. However, I am partial to country music when it comes to performing. Ray Price, Johnny Bush, Darrell McCall, Bob Wills, Mel Tillis, Charlie Pride, Merle Haggard, George Strait, and Jody Nix. Those guys really get me excited! Shuffles, Waltzes and Western Swing tunes have always been the foundation of the Texas Dancehall sound that I hope to help revive. You can't have too much fiddle or steel guitar in a song for me. I have had the pleasure of doing guest appearances with Jody Nix and the Texas Cowboys as well as Kelly Spinks and Miles of Texas. In my opinion, these are two of the finest Dancehall bands in the State of Texas. Jody and Kelly have given me lots of encouragement. Lately, I have been going to jam sessions in the central Texas area, and I have been fortunate to become friends with some of the finest musicians in the business. They have encouraged me to pursue singing more seriously. So, I cut a CD that includes some of my favorite tunes. I like to describe it as a rebirth of the classic dancehall sound. I hope this new venture brings a lot of joy to everyone who listens to my music.
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Lembo Allen  12/23/2009            
Barbara from Nebraska
I bought this CD because another one with the same song that I was lookinng for was out of stock. I have been more than pleasantly surprised. Lembo Allen's voice is amazing. I hope he releases another album soon.
Lembo Allen  05/31/2009            
Rockin Roger T Suggs
Limbo, is my CD still stuck in your CD player? It happens to me too. This is how I get them out and you will not damage the CD and the CD player. Take a pair of tweasers get a hold of the CD and pull the CD out. There should be little part of the CD sticking out.
Lembo Allen  09/27/2005            
Roxie B.
I am really impressed with this "old school" album. Lembo Allen's voice is really full, and it is very well suited for the music. I am really glad I found this CD. Many CDs that I buy today start gathering dust after a few listens. I can't seem to keep this one out of my CD player. It makes me smile:)
Lembo Allen  02/28/2005            
Rockin' Roger T Suggs
Lembo is one great guy and friend. We have jamed together and hung out together. He's fun to have around. His are always a joy to the hear. Lembo, keep up the good work. Your friend always; Rockin' Roger T Suggs
Lembo Allen  12/13/2004            
June Josten
WOW. Hope to hear more Albums coming out soon. Lembo sings these songs as if they were written for him. WONDERFUL. This is country singing at its best. THIS IS A MUST HAVE CD. Your the best Lembo. Love ya
Lembo Allen  10/29/2004            
Wow! What a voice! Where have you been? This record has some of the best songs on it, and Lembo has a voice that will give Honky Tonk music fans goose bumps. He tackled songs previously done by some of the greatest vocalists ever in country music (Johnny Bush, Darrell McCall, Mel Tillis, Tony Booth, etc.)and more than held his own with great renditions of great tunes. Normally, I am indifferent about cover tunes, but Lembo Allen doesn't just do cover versions of these tunes. He gives them new life. If you don't have this record, Get It! Thank You Mr. Allen for your fine record. I am wearing it out! Make your next one longer, please.
Lembo Allen  10/27/2004            
Lembo Allen has a perfect voice to bring back old time Texas Swing. The music just puts you in a happy mood and he just has an awesome voice!
Lembo Allen  10/22/2004            
anita kay from tyler, tx
Lembo's voice is truly amazing. This album takes me back to the happy memories of my childhood. I love every song, but my favorite is 'I ain't never'! I listen to it all the time. Keep up the good work!!
Lembo Allen  10/18/2004            
This is truely country! Lembo Allen's "Dancing Room Only" is what I've been missing in a lot of the current country music we hear on the radio today. Just great listening music and dancing too!
Lembo Allen  09/15/2004            
Lembo Allen reminds me so much of the reason country music has become a truly American art form. Lembo can belt out a tune that makes you want to tap your toes and get up and dance. It is obvious that singing is a joy to him. I can hardly wait for his next album.
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