Little Brave

Little Brave
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“People will be amazed that this collection of little, unwanted
 things actually came from them—from their musings, from their
 heartstrings, from their places of home and of work. They will most
 likely try and lay claim to them when they realize how beautiful
these things were that they once held in their hands… before they
 tossedthem aside. Everyone will know their claims to be false, but they
 willtry nonetheless. _Wound & Will _came from Stephanie, from Little
 Brave, and not from them. The old once theirs will look new, and it
 will sound even newer. She found them all.” - Drew Kennedy

 Little Brave is the new alias of Stephanie Briggs. Stephanie has
 been performing since 2000, first in Rodger Wilko releasing 3 albums,
 then as Stephanie Briggs releasing 2 albums, and now as Little Brave.
 She is releasing her third album, _Wound & Will_, on March 5, 2011,
 under the moniker Little Brave. In 2009, she and a group of like-minded
 musicians, including Drew Kennedy, Javi Garcia, K Phillips, Daniel
 Thomas Phipps, and Luke Leverett, began to call themselves “The
 Folk Union” and currently perform shows together, switching instruments
 and playing in each others’ bands. She’s been known to fill in
 as a bassist or an acoustic drummer. However, she claims piano and
 guitar as her main instruments. She plays with a full band, and is always
 experimenting at acoustic shows on different instruments and
 playing newly written songs.

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