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Madisons 2015

The most recent album by Austin based garage-folk band, Madisons, is their most ambitious work to date. No One’s Ever Gonna Know Your Name, is the collective work of three songwriters and longtime friends -Dominic Solis, Benjamin Blair, and Charles Short. The 10 songs on the record all fit together to tell one story.

The story is that of a young, Mexican American kid named Sal (Salvador). It follows him through an impoverished childhood, a stint in the military, and an aimless wander to find something, though he’s not sure what. He runs into trouble with the law along the way and battles alcoholism himself. This eventually leads to two failed marriages and severe depression. In the end, he finds peace in the form of love, hard work, and self-acceptance. Flawed and unrelenting, Salvador achieves the type of happiness that only people who have suffered understand.

In true Madisons’ fashion, the music is just as unbridled as Sal’s life. Like an out of control locomotive, the sound is both raucous, and confident in its ramshackle strength.

Madisons’ live shows also reflect this sentiment. After several years of rotating musicians, the seven piece ensemble has stabilized, and as a result, their sets burn intensely from start to finish. Part musical performance and part defiant celebration of life, the band and its group of loyal fans have grown to represent the mayhem from which its art began. A mayhem many of us still experience every day.

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