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Matt King
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Music had always played an important part in the King family's lifestyle in Asheville, NC. Both of the singer/songwriter's parents had musical interests, in addition to holding down regular jobs. Mom Bernadette, who earned a paycheck in a real estate office, was a piano player who enjoyed gospel music. When he wasn't strumming a bluegrass tune on his guitar, dad Jerry supported the family with jobs as an auctioneer, a mason, and a barber. Together they were part of a bluegrass-gospel band and even recorded a bit. King and sibling Tanya, who grew up listening to nothing but gospel and bluegrass, often sang along with their parents to old Baptist numbers. By the age of six, music was so important to King that he was trying to craft his own songs and get them down on paper. He met Bill Monroe four years later, and the meeting made an indelible impression on his young mind. He started learning how to play the guitar, working on numbers like "Sweet Home Alabama." Music became even more important to King when his parents' marriage went bust in another three years. With his family divided, and not amicably, he learned to console himself with music. In his late teens, the future country singer became involved with a string of rock groups. None, however, would allow the guitar player to sing so much as a note, thanks to the inherent country-music quality of his voice, not to mention the twangy accent. Later, with a couple of albums under his belt, including the debut Five O'Clock Hero, that same twangy accent and country-music sound landed King on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. He also participated in a Johnny Russell tribute at the Opry alongside Earl Scruggs, Roy Clark, Ricky Skaggs, and Vince Gill. Also part of the tribute's lineup was Mac Wiseman, a bluegrass tenor who had been a particular favorite of King's dad, bringing the singer/songwriter full circle and back to his roots. ~ Linda Seida, All Music Guide
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09/10/2009 - Matt King in concert Saturday at Blue Frog - Read More
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Matt King  12/20/2018            
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then James McMurtry should be extremely flattered.
Matt King  02/23/2011            
I saw Matt King and the Cutters at Sticky Fingerz in Little Rock and they nailed me to my chair ... I was so utterly gobsmacked that I forgot to drink my beer! When I tell you these guys are high energy, I mean they could power a resurrection! And it's not just the energy, there's some amazing musicianship here, and the songwriting is brilliant. Okay, I'm gushing. Go see 'em. You will, too. *◊
Matt King  10/10/2010            
I originally saw Matt at the Wormy Dog and was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. Matt's music and voice are amazingly unique in this venue. There is only once CD in my car and that is RUBE. I have mastered all of the words to the songs. Interesting stories they tell. Matt is a remarkable singer songwriter. I love the new "Back to Baltimore" song and the images of "Graveyard Shift". Matt, keep'm coming!
Matt King  06/21/2010            
Vinny The Shark
Why isn't there more hype about Matt King? C'Mon Son, Matt King brings it. Vinny caught his show at the Wormy Dog a couple weeks ago and was very impressed. Refreshingly different sound in a watered down "Texas music" scene. Thank God for artists like Matt King, Sons of Bill, and Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights. Check out the "Rube" CD. It's nails.
Matt King  06/15/2010            
new fan
I saw Matt King for the first time this past Saturday the 12th of June, 2010 opening up for the one and only Robert Earl Keen at Floore's Country Store in Helotes, TX! Way to go Robert Earl Keen for turning me on to another great group of artist. The Cutters were Killer and Matt King was awesome! What a great fresh new sound. I dig it!
Matt King  01/19/2010            
Great record from a great group. If you ever have a chance to see these guys live, DO IT, they put on a GREAT show.
Matt King  11/06/2009            
gillyd77-waco, TX
never heard of him before i saw his album on the front page of lonestar music, i decided to check him out and i am glad i did. i know he is not from texas but his music is as good as any texas country i have heard lately. highly recommend yall check him out
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