Mike Amabile & Run Over Twice

Mike Amabile & Run Over Twice
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Run Over Twice is a new sound for Texas Country music lovers out there. The band blends a flavor of Texas music with that of southern rock. The variety of RO2’s influences range from Robert Earl Keen to Led Zeppelin. The band completed their first recording in 2003 and went on the road to play Texas venues such as The Exxon Mobil Petroleum Club, Hooters, The Sidecar Pub and Blanco’s in Houston, Shenanigan’s in Huntsville, Borski’s Tavern in Willis and The House in Thorndale (among others). In 2003 the band was interviewed by Rockdale radio station KRXT 98.5 before a show near Austin, and the station played their popular song “Chasing the Sunset.” The band’s stage presence produces an electrifying yet comfortable atmosphere for the crowd, and the positive energy exchange between the band members and the audience is always present. RO2 Band members have had the opportunity to play shows opening for Pat Green, Cory Morrow, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Roger Creager, Bleu Edmondson, Marcy Playground, The Great Divide, Charlie Robison and many others. Run Over Twice has also performed at benefit shows like the “United Way Summer Festival” (sponsored by Exxon Mobile) and "Huntsville Festival of the Arts," benefiting Huntsville's Promise, a branch of America's Promise, which helps children get involved with the community.
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Average Rating : 4.7              Total Reviews: 27

Mike Amabile & Run Over Twice  01/20/2010            
Tom Sykes
It does not get much better They have a truly original sound. One or two of the slower songs were OK too.
Mike Amabile & Run Over Twice  06/30/2009            
Johnny B
Finally something out of Texas that has some character. Good job boys!
Mike Amabile & Run Over Twice  04/17/2009            
Kevin M. Jones
Heard some of their new music recently and it is awesome!
Mike Amabile & Run Over Twice  04/17/2009            
Kevin M. Jones
Heard some of their new music recently and it is awesome!
Mike Amabile & Run Over Twice  02/09/2009            
Mark Black
These dudes are for real. Their new original music is awesome. I cant wait for the CD to come out! Good job Mike! Mark
Mike Amabile & Run Over Twice  11/24/2008            
These guys are great. Go see them if you get the chance.
Mike Amabile & Run Over Twice  06/02/2008            
The Real Truth
What is Texas Music? Is it another version of the same stuff we have been hearing for the last 30 years? Is it copycat artists trying their best to be Stevie Ray? I think that good Texas Music is created by musicians that dont care what other people think. They dont think about how to get their songs on the charts or what will be "radio friendly". They want people to enjoy their music for what it is....HONEST. Music that impresses me is honest music...music that has it's own "voice." It doesnt much matter to me where it comes from (Texas, Florida, New York, Seattle...). Real TX Music doesnt have to sound like Pat Green's old songs or anyone elses for that matter. I have heard too many TX artists who sound like the guy down the street. Run Over Twice does not fit this description. They have their own true sound and it is great. I saw them years ago when they were first starting out and it just keeps getting better and better. No doubt these boys are in it for the long haul. I just hope you guys can see them before they explode!
Mike Amabile & Run Over Twice  05/20/2008            
What an album!!!
Mike Amabile & Run Over Twice  04/03/2008            
Jeff B.
This is one kick ass band. Check them out live if you get the chance. You won't regret it!
Mike Amabile & Run Over Twice  03/05/2008            
Excellent disc! From all-out rock to soft acoustic, Run Over Twice gets it done. Highly recommended.
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