Mo Robson Band

Mo Robson Band
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When Mo Robson first hit the scene in early 2000, he was set to be the next big thing. Loved by singer/songwriters and critics alike, Mo has always had an atmosphere of being a fun loving cutup with a side of serious ambition. Mo’s debut CD entitled, “Mo Robson Band” was an early indication of what type of a songwriter this young man was and with his new release, “Even Angels Fall” (Also the title track is his current single) out in stores, Mo is moving up the Texas Music Charts and played on radio stations all over with regularity. Mo was sidetracked in 2004 with a life threatening case of pneumonia that put him in the hospital for a few months and literally knocked the wind out of his sails. Mo was born in Corpus Christi but, was primarily raised in Lewisville where he began writing songs and playing baseball for the local high school. Mo quickly gained a reputation for being everyone’s friend and making sure everyone had a smile on their face. It was a natural transition for him to go from entertaining groups of people with his wit and charm to playing his music in front of large crowds and developing lasting friendship with venue patrons and staff everywhere he plays. Mo is back now with a new band and a live show that will bring the house down. Playing shows with some of the top guys in the Red Dirt scene such as, Jason Boland and the Stragglers, Cory Morrow, Stoney LaRue, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Wade Bowen, Roger Creager, Rich O’Toole and many more, Mo is definitely going to surpass any expectations, even his own! Being a singer/songwriter, Mo Robson is overly critical of his own music. He writes about everything in his life from, his grandmother’s, “hideous ass, green Ford LTD” to “Livin’ This Fast Life, On This Slow Movin’ Bus”. Some of his songs mirror his life so much that when you walk away from one of Mo’s shows with a CD, it’s more like you’re walking away with his diary. “Rollin’ Down This Highway” describes the time he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and what he had to go through along the way including the sights and sounds. One of the crowd favorites, apply titled, “Jim Beam Whisky” talks about some of the wild nights of seeing double and wishing, “Jim Beam himself couldn’t come down and bail us out!” “First One To Go” drives his lust for the road home and explains his “rambling’ nature” with a true country song while mixing in a southern rock style that will be with you long after you have turned the CD off or left the crowded dancehall. Every song Mo Robson writes is indicative of his nature and love for music. The Mo Robson Band just wrapped up their first live CD, “Live at Adair’s” and is in the process of cutting some new studio tracks to go at the end of it and is due out in April through Smith Entertainment. For more information on the Mo Robson Band or to sign up for their mailing list, make your way over to and drop them an email saying hi! If you haven’t gotten the chance… or should I say, the experience that is the Mo Robson Band live, make sure you check their schedule to see where they are playing near you! Mo is known for being one of the most approachable artists out there. Whether they are just down the block or 3 hours away, the drive home is always filled with jamming the CD and waiting till the next time you get the chance to catch the Mo Robson Band.
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Average Rating : 3.9              Total Reviews: 11

Mo Robson Band  02/16/2010            
I heard them open for Aaron Watson 2/10. I had never heard their music until then. SOme of their songs really hit (30%)while others just sounded run of the mill. I really enjoyed them. They have a nice honky tonk/ Southern Rock sound. Ie: Warden
Mo Robson Band  12/11/2009            
this cd is the poopt that other guy dont know what good honky-tonk music is, cant wait to c him live
Mo Robson Band  12/01/2009            
Dont judge this band by this cd. I have followed mo for years and he puts on one hell of a live show. i'm not sure why this cd sounds the way it does, because you cant even hear the crowd, or the beer can's hitting the trash can's at Adair's. Great band, but cd does them no justice. by the way Mo's version of ball and chain is the sh**.
Mo Robson Band  06/17/2009            
Eh...I put it right between ok and boring!
Mo Robson Band  05/22/2009            
Not so good...
Mo Robson Band  05/16/2009            
This CD is a great one to get! It has it all..from the traditional dancin' country sound to 'Texas'Country sound. It has not left my car since I got it! I love that Mo writes his own music, and the new studio tracks on here are awesome as well. The cover of Social Distortion's Ball and Chain is one of my favorite covers ever. Totally recommend it!
Mo Robson Band  05/16/2009            
if you are going to write a negative comment about someone, maybe you should spell check!!!! recommend is with two m's..... and this is one of the best cd's i have ever owned and i would RECOMMEND this cd to anyone who loves texas country!!!
Mo Robson Band  05/13/2009            
Worst CD out there...Don't buy this CD! If you already did, then I recomend you use it as a coaster! I got this CD for free at a Roger Creager show (I guess they opened) and some loud mouth acting as their manager said they were the greatest band around! He was wrong! Mo should apologize to Social Distortion for ruining their song!
Mo Robson Band  04/08/2009            
It's about time for the 'most under-rated band in TX' to get the recognition it deserves! This cd has all my favorite songs from the first and second cd's, plus two great new ones! Love it!
Mo Robson Band  04/07/2009            
Welcome back to lonestarmusic Mo!! The new Live at Adair's is awesome...the cover of social distortion's Ball and Chain will rock your socks off and the two studio cuts will solidify your love for Mo's song writing skills.....
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