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Nate Kipp
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Nate Kipp is a singer/songwriter first. He has had a long history of music in his family, growing up in the middle of five children, in a charismatic southern Pentecostal style upbringing. Born in Pecos and raised in West Texas, music was an intrinsic part of the family from church to home. His mother played the accordion and had a beautiful voice she shared with the family and wrote many of her own songs. She always encouraged her children to be creative and none of that was lost on Nate. Country music was normally what was playing on the radio, especially when you have no control over the dial. Being exposed at an early age to artist like Don Williams, Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and the likes, but also to rock/pop artist like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Three Dog Night etc. Nate moved to Nashville not long after high school and began to hone his craft as a songwriter. It was a real eye opener from picking in small town garage bands to seeing some of the best writers at work. After four years of playing and singing, collaborating with the endless stream of upcoming artist and writers that make up the backbone of Music City, Nate yearned to be back home in Texas. Armed with a few skins (and scars) under his belt, he gained the confidence to go out on his own and has been performing high energy Americana style, Texas country music for the last few years. The band is based out of Dallas/Ft.Worth and continues to gain fans at a rapid clip having performed in seven different states on many different stages and venues, the hard work really shows. Nate was named in The Dallas Observer with a top ten song of 2011, and went on to say that Kipp had a "vintage-chic" appeal that sounds new, but refreshingly familiar. His song "Loveletters And Cigarettes" from his self titled CD, has been recently recorded by Deryl Dodd and Cody Jinks. He is forging ahead with the spirit of idols like legendary singer/songwriter Gary P. Nunn who puts a high value on the basic human connection of two stepping and the overall musical experience is paramount. The music is insightful, hopeful, sometimes comedic but with firm threads of truth that come shining through. The new CD “The Holding Pattern” has just finished production and is set for release. Watch for Nate Kipp and The Road coming to a venue near you.

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Nate Kipp  03/07/2012            
Kris Myers
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cd! I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!
Nate Kipp  03/03/2012            
Dan Williams
Great album. Love the Texas country feel and great song writing. Get started the next one!
Nate Kipp  02/09/2012            
Real country music from a real nice guy. Click that "Buy" button or go to a Nate Kipp show and get this one. I'll wait here.
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