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Nathan Hamilton
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Hello! Nathan Hamilton here inviting you to venture a listen to my newest album Beauty, Wit & Speed. 

With this new record I wanted to address the “acceleration” of our lives as well as explore how we consume technology and how it in turn, consumes us. While in the past I have written about oulaws and barfights, my days of late are more realistically filled with swim meets and car seats. The seemingly ordinary and mundane often holds a galley of riches. I sought a new path in the familiar, yet still challenging terrain of love and loss that we each experience in some form or another.  

The album was co-produced with engineer Britton Beisenherz (Monahans, Milton Mapes, Doug Burr, Seryn) at Ramble Creek Studios in Austin,Texas. A fantastic cast of musicians took part, including Kevin Russell (The Gourds) on mandolin, Jeff Lofton on trumpet, Greg Vanderpool (Monahans) and Amy Cook on vocals and so many more. The result is a collection of what I believe to be some of my strongest songs yet, set to an oft times lush and sometimes sparsely lit soundscape. 

I hope you will join me on a journey through...Beauty, Wit and Speed.

With the eye of a short-story writer, Nathan Hamilton pens songs sharp with detail and rich in imagery to create rugged slices of timeless and articulate Americana. Vocally he brings to mind a slightly more ragged Lyle Lovett, which fits well with his muscular songs. He proves adept whether handling quiet folk numbers or gritty, growling rock. Nathan Hamilton was born and raised in Abilene,Texas. He currently resides in Austin. He has been performing music professionally for 16 years. During that time he has released five albums on his own and two as a member of the Good Medicine Band (aka Sharecroppers). Hamilton was a winner of the 2000 Kerrville New Folk Award and was a Top Five Finalist in the 2008 Independent Music Awards for songwriting. 

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Nathan Hamilton  04/02/2010            
Live @ Floore's is hands down the best album that I have ever had the privilige of owning.
Nathan Hamilton  02/11/2008            
The biography says it all this album is an evolutionary giant step. Why he is not getting more gigs at Floore's or gruene etc. is beyond me. This is an outstanding recording and the biography says it all.
Nathan Hamilton  02/08/2008            
Mike in Austin
He's great live. I had the pleasure of seeing him in a tiny coffee shop below my apartment. Didn't plan on staying to listen but i ended up taking a seat and listening to the entire performance. If you get the chance definitely take a listen.
Nathan Hamilton  11/21/2007            
where did the good medicine MP3's go???
these MP3's from the Good Medicine Band arent available to review???
Nathan Hamilton  07/08/2007            
For new and old fans: Lone Star Music offers a digital download of the out of print CD made by Nathan's previous band: Good Medicine Band - Spirit of the ShareCroppers. (Key the band name in the search box above). I love this CD as much if not more than Nathan's solo work. Gorgeous harmonies and a real variety of melody, subjects and styles.
Nathan Hamilton  06/25/2007            
Jim N
This is clearly Nathan's best effort to date. There is a broader range of musical style while his poignant prose contiues to evoke heart felt responses from the listener. There are so many moment in this CD that almost any litener can feel that they too had been there. The music expands form traditional Texas type ballad rock to main stream rock to a more bare styl reminiscent of Lucinda Williams or Guy Forsythe. Awesome CD! Highly recommend it! Catch them live.
Nathan Hamilton  03/17/2007            
Nathan is truly an artist, painting rich, honest, soul-sharing portraits with each song. Frame to Finish is the beautiful stand-out for me on 6 Black Birds...& Hanging On is so honest it may bring you to tears...
Nathan Hamilton  09/15/2005            
Rex Gage
I have just now been exposed to my first dose of Nathan Hamilton - and this is one of the better albums I have heard in a long time, full of emotion and expression. I am very much looking forward to seeing him live. I would give him a "10" star rating.
Nathan Hamilton  07/10/2005            
I just want to tell every body about this guy. He rocks
Nathan Hamilton  07/03/2005            
I heard cash and tab. about two weeks ago. I am an avid music fan and I have to tell you, that song now has me coming back for more.
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