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Living in Austin, I can't throw a stone without hitting another singer songwriter, and I do everything I can not to be just another one of those guys. Sure, I can play brooding tunes to audiences jacked up on espresso. And there's nothing wrong with that, but only that is just not my way. Sure, I like to brood, but there's so many other possibilities for that brief time that the stage is all mine. Its very important for me to veer, wander, seek inspiration and run with it, no matter where it might take me. I have written songs about preachers who minister in bars and find themselves tangled up in drug deals. I have written about a god who can only consummate his love by relinquishing his duty to hold the sky in place. I have written about stolen bicycles, bank heists, smashing the state, mythical floods, vampire temptresses, late night binges that decimate wine collections, and (of course) songs about every girl who has ever broken my heart and/or mended my soul. I flow, scream, croon or belt it out, depending on the song and the moment. I recently purchased a Gibson Gold Top and had my distortion pedal repaired. I've modified some mellower tunes and written a slew of new ones that have a tendency to take the band and the crowd into overdrive. In the meantime, a handful of other artists have recorded my tunes. With Alejandro Escavado producing, the Dead End Angels recently recorded my song Red Letter Bible. Rick Cornell of No Depression described the song as the soul of the Angels' new album, November. I also co wrote What Ever with Whammo and Guy Forsyth of the Asylum Street Spankers. The song is featured on the latest Spankers album as well as Guy's most recent solo release. What Ever gets to the essence of why we do what we do. Carolyn Wonderland has also released a new album with my song Heart, an anthemic call to mobilize our inspiration into action. Initially, Carolyn had come into to the studio to work with me on my album, These Parts. After providing harmonies for several tunes, she informed me that she wanted to put Heart on her next album. Her version is last-minute-end-of-the-recording-budget with just her and a guitar. She belts it out like the blues diva that she is. In addition to Carolyn and the others, Wendy Colona has recorded Noah with composer Will Taylor's band Strings Attached. The song will be featured on the next Strings Attached release as well as on the next live track release from radio station KLBJ. In addition to the albums and the song writing, I've also had some success writing and producing sound tracks, including the music for the acclaimed documentary Hands on a Hard Body. This now-cult film narrates the fate of small town Texans competing in a radio promotion/contest to win a truck. The sound track was another co write with Guy Forsyth who provides guitar lines that are both lush and stark. I've written and produced sound tracks for other independent films, but Hands on a Hard Body turned out to real gem. But alas, lets not forget about the children. Along with everything else, I'm in the process of building a non profit organization that will provide music classes for pre school aged children who would not otherwise be able to afford such programs. Preschool age is a critical time for developing musical skills much the same way that the early years are formative for language development. I have put together a curriculum for this age that affords young children the opportunity to teach themselves music through play. The program also has a Spanish language component. Stay tuned. More on this as I get organized (no really).
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Neal Kassanoff  11/26/2005            
Anne in SATX
What a fun CD to cruise around town with all the windows down! Neal is a doll! May there always be a guy chasing a Carol Anne. Peace and Love!
Neal Kassanoff  10/03/2005            
Man, lyrics and tunes are mediocre, but this dude can NOT sing!!!
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