Niel Nasset

Niel Nasset
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Most people get a few songs together, play for friends, play at a bar, get a feel from the crowd about their songs, and then go record an album. Niel Nasset doesn't think that way. Niel Nasset doesn't really think like the most of us. After playing a few songs at an open mic night, he quickly recorded an album with the songs he had, not knowing the reaction he would get. Four years later, and after recording 3 more albums, it looks like Niel Nasset got the reaction he was looking for. 

Growing up in Austin, the "musical influential roller coaster" is whipping around you at 100 miles an hour. Every genre, type, brand, and style of music is everywhere. Niel's influences are very broad, ranging from folk to rock, indie to country, and r&b to hip hop. Niel grew up jamming to Fleetwood Mac, Guns N Roses, Robert Earl Keen, and Hewy Lewis on road trips and at home. He says he "listens to anything that pushes the boundaries. Anything that hasn't been done before." The variety of music that has played through the ears of Niel over his life has helped him write the way he does. He puts all his influences together and puts out an album and hopes that people can find something they like. Not just the musical influences of Austin have had an impact on Niel, but many of his songs are influenced by the Austin Nightlife. 

 Niel's inspiration comes from everything seen around him. He writes while driving. Ideas and melodies for songs gets recorded on the phone. Lot of his song writing is his own personal therapy session. Dealing with life at the moment, transcribing it down on pen and transforming it into a song. Lot of his songs come from a darkness deep down inside, the same darkness so many people have but don't know how to get out. Writing a better song than the previous is the goal. "I could write a million happy songs but too me that isn't natural. No one is happy all the time." 


The fans in Austin have been great and supportive. It is a rat race out here and that makes it hard to get noticed. Playing throughout Austin, Houston, and other areas, Niel has had many places to play and gain experience. 

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Niel Nasset  05/20/2010            
These guys are legit!
Go to their shows, shake their hands, buy their music before it's too late
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