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Norah Jones
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Norah Jones was born March 30, 1979 in New York City. When she was four years old, Norah and her mother Sue moved to the Dallas suburb of Grapevine, Texas. Norah's earliest musical influences came from her mother's extensive LP collection and from 'oldies' radio. She began singing in church choirs at age five, commenced piano lessons two years later, and briefly played alto saxophone in junior high. "My mom had this eight-album Billie Holiday set. I picked out one disc that I liked and played that over and over again. 'You Go To My Head', that was my favorite..." When Jones was 15, she and her mother moved from Grapevine to Dallas' central city, where Norah enrolled in Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. (Soul singer Erykah Badu and trum-peter Roy Hargrove are also Washington alumni.) Norah played her first gig on her 16th birthday, an open-mic night at a local coffeehouse, where she performed a version of 'I'll Be Seeing You' that she'd learned from Etta James' treatment of this Billie Holiday favorite. While still in high school, Norah won the Down Beat Student Music Awards for 'Best Jazz Vocalist' and 'Best Original Composition' in 1996, and earned a second SMA for 'Best Jazz Vocalist' in 1997. She also sang with a band called Laszlo, playing what she describes as "dark, jazzy rock." After graduation, Jones entered the University of North Texas - nationally renowned for its music programs - where she majored in jazz piano. In the summer of 1999, Norah accepted a friend's offer of a summer sublet in Greenwich Village. She came to Manhattan - and never returned to North Texas State. "The music kept me here. The music scene is so huge I found it very exciting. I espe-cially enjoyed hearing amazing songwriters at little places like The Living Room. Everything opened up for me." For about a year begin-ning in December 1999, Norah appeared regularly with the funk-fusion band Wax Poetic (now signed to Atlantic). But she soon assembled her own group with Jesse Harris, Lee Alexander, and Dan Rieser. In October 2000, this lineup recorded a selec-tion of demos for Blue Note Records. On the strength of these recordings and a live showcase, Jones was signed in January 2001. Norah sang two songs (Roxy Music's 'More Than This' and 'Day Is Done' by Nick Drake) on guitarist Charlie Hunter's Blue Note album 'Songs from the Analog Playground', and has frequently per-formed live with Hunter's group. Norah began recording the songs of 'Come Away With Me' in May 2001, doing preliminary work with producer Craig Street at Bearsville Studio in Woodstock, New York. In August 2001, the singer and her musicians went back to work - this time with Arif Mardin at Sorcerer Sound in Manhattan. "I was nervous at first. I didn't want some amazing producer who'd done all these famous records to come in and have me be scared to tell him what I thought. But Arif is the nicest guy in the world, very easygoing. He was there to keep my act together and make sure I got a good record - Arif had great ideas." "I never thought I'd have a record like this - I thought it would be at least five years be-fore I'd reach that point. This is really the record I wanted to make." Now Norah Jones returns to the heartfelt, home cooked approach on the eagerly anticipated 'Feels Like Home', her new Blue Note album (released 9th February 2004). The collection features the singer-songwriter-pianist once again teaming up with producer Arif Mardin, engineer Jay Newland and her close-knit tour band. For the new release Jones has penned several songs herself and with songwriting partner Lee Alexander, gathered other songs from her band mates and friends, and delivers three covers.
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Average Rating : 3.9              Total Reviews: 7

Norah Jones  11/13/2007            
Bobby Williams
love you and youe music very good Norah never heard such a beautiful voice
Norah Jones  03/24/2005            
Norah Jones  07/27/2004            
"She did Hank Williams well" OMG. Her version of Cold Cold Heart is soulless.She so gutted the song of its emotional impact that it is almost unrecognizable. Please listen to the original, then this insipid piece of drivel and reconsider your comment. And if you value your well being never repeat that comment in any Texas beer joint.
Norah Jones  07/22/2004            
Would some one please send Ms Jones back to the Holiday Inn coctail lounge hell where she belongs. There is no passion, no personality. Why do you think this was first released at a reduced price? Because no one in their right mind would buy it. Try Janis, Big Momma Thorton, Terri Hendrix, Ptsy Cline,
Norah Jones  03/15/2004            
All time favorite. Way to do Texas proud, Norah.
Norah Jones  04/11/2003            
Amazing vocals... amazing CD...
Norah Jones  10/24/2002            
floyd robertson
Incredible voice and good music choices. She did Hank Williams very well.
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