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Owen Temple
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Mountain Home, the sixth studio record from Austin, Texas-based songwriter Owen Temple, is a collection of songs and stories about eccentric characters set in small towns and on the fringes of big cities. The characters are all on edge- on the verge of freedom, catastrophe, and hope- and the songs tell of strange happenings in rural landscapes both past and present.

Recorded with producer Gabe Rhodes, the album has the feel of a live performance with stellar contributions from Charlie Sexton on bass and baritone guitar, Bukka Allen on keyboards, Tommy Spurlock on pedal steel and drummer Rick Richards.

The project includes songs written by Temple and co-writes with Adam Carroll, Scott Nolan, and Gordy Quist (of The Band of Heathens). Temple’s love of folk, blues, and bluegrass shines through in the arrangements and the playing of his compadres.

“I love traditional music- old songs that cross time and space to tell you what the people cared about,” Temple says. “With my songs I'm trying to get down some of the stories of this place.”

Temple’s last album, Dollars and Dimes, went to #5 on the Freeform American Roots chart and #1 on the Euro Americana chart and earned raves for its uncompromising vision of the American dream’s darker side. On Mountain Home, Temple narrows his focus, honing in on the small towns and colorful characters of his home state. The basic tracks were cut live with minimal overdubs. Temple’s emotive singing brings the songs to vibrant life.

Mountain Home explores the lives of small time hustlers, politicians, hard scrabble farmers, wildcatters, and ne’er do wells that contributed to the colorful history of Southwest Texas. Tracks include the bluesy “Medicine Man,” the story of the mad conquistador Cabeza de Vaca; “Small Town,” a talking blues that captures the claustrophobia one feels in a community where everyone knows your business; “Desdemona,” a moody eulogy to an oil rush boomtown; “Old Sam,” a salute to Sam Houston that blends the facts and fiction that gave birth to Texas mythology; and the title track, a bluegrass shuffle that tells the story of a jailbird returning home after a 20 year stretch in the pen.

The songs on Mountain Home are vignettes of real life. Temple’s singing gives them a sense of time and place that makes you feel the hot dusty sun and the cold chill of the unforgiving night. The album captures the feel of the desperate dreamers who want to believe in their latest scheme, even as they feel reality breathing down their neck.

Owen Temple won the B. W. Stevenson Songwriting Competition sponsored by Poor David’s Club in Dallas and became a finalist at the Kerrville Folk Festival’s New Folk competition in 2007. He’s known throughout Texas, the Midwest, and the Eastern US as a first-class songwriter, compelling performer and fine singer. Three of his previous albums, General Store, Passing Through, and Two Thousand Miles, were produced by Lloyd Maines and became regional best sellers.

Temple met multi-instrumentalist and producer Gabe Rhodes, son of singer/songwriter Kimmie Rhodes, in 2006. Rhodes became part of Temple’s touring band and produced Dollars and Dimes and Mountain Home. Temple and Rhodes will be touring to support the album. “I’m a songwriter out of the narrative folk tradition,” Temple says. “The songs I remember hearing years afterward, that stick with me longest, are songs that have taken me places, that allow you to travel with the story. I hope to continue that tradition, to pass that experience on.”

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Average Rating : 4.6              Total Reviews: 43

Owen Temple  02/29/2012            
Owen is a poet - painting the scenes and emotions of our lives - with truth and clarity.
Owen Temple  02/08/2012            
Debbie Waytowich
Love Owen Temple awesome person awesome singer!!!
Owen Temple  07/05/2009            
Soulful country-folk-rock Every song is different on this one- great music to drive to. The kind of CD you put it in and play from beginning to end. Recommend if you like Adam Carroll, John Prine, etc.
Owen Temple  07/02/2009            
Austin Student
What a let down. I followed Owen back in the day when my brother listened to him, Pat Green, and Cory Morrow... now one sucks, one is a sell out and one is still kickin
Owen Temple  01/10/2009            
le 4eme CD était excellent, le futur CD qui devrait sortir en 2010 s'annonce encore meilleur.
Owen Temple  01/03/2008            
Another great record- I have posted below of a review I just saw in No Depression (Jan-Feb '08 issue) of this CD. OWEN TEMPLE Two Thousand Miles El Paisano "Owen Temple's new disc is twelve tracks of longing for his native Texas. Temple wrote these catchy tunes while living for two years in Wisconsin, far away from his adopted hometown of Austin. His songs, even the rowdy ones, barrel straight through the roadhouse on the way to better, safer places, like the center of a woman's heart. He has a curl of Townes Van Zandt's spoken-word style of singing, which lifts the sincerity and power of his lyrics. "I Just Can't Quit Loving You" lopes behind producer Lloyd Maines' patient pedal steel. "Love is harder on me that anything else I've tried," he sings. His other songs show he's tried a whole lot else. "Demolition Derby" demonstrates the wreckage that happens when lovers collide. "Swear It Off Again" doesn't dismiss what you might think (alcohol); instead, it's a a tender resignation of dreams. But as dirty and desperate as Temple can get, he can't hide his good nature. The first track, "You Want To Wear That Ring," is a redemptive shout-out that rides high on David Grissom's guitar and the thunderous drumming of Dave Sanger."
Owen Temple  12/26/2007            
Still good music, but it doesnt have that genuine and thoughtful Texas sound that the older CDs had. The lyrics just arent there and the band doesnt quite complement Owen like they used to.
Owen Temple  11/07/2007            
Texas Music Fan
It's impossible to hear your songs and not sing along! The new CD is amazing and I can't wait to get to your next show.
Owen Temple  10/10/2007            
Jared Klick
I was into Owen back in the day at UT, and listening to this new record, I am stunned as to how far he has come. These songs kick ass! I can't wait to see them live, and anyone who likes well crafted songs with a crack band had better check it out. Owen - get out here to Tennessee!
Owen Temple  09/11/2007            
I downloaded this from LoneStarTunes.com a few weeks ago and it's his BEST EVER. I'm ordering the CD too!!
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