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American Kid, Patty Griffin’s seventh album, is her first album of mainly new material since Children Running Through in 2007. In between, she made the Grammy Award-winning Downtown Church (2010), her version of classic gospel (though it featured three original songs). She also became a member of Band of Joy, the group in which leader Robert Plant and his cohorts meld British and American folk, rock and spiritual music.

American Kid, much of which Griffin says “was written to honor my father,” returns to typical Patty Griffin territory, which is to say that it features a group of remarkably powerful, personal and unpredictable songs arranged and performed in a style that doesn’t entirely repeat anything she’s done on her previous albums while drawing on all of them. Yet Griffin’s catalog is among the most unified in modern popular music, because her singing is as unmistakable and inimitable as her songwriting.

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Average Rating : 4.7              Total Reviews: 9

Patty Griffin  11/02/2007            
You can't go wrong with this Artist! She is such an inspiration! Never Give UP!
Patty Griffin  03/16/2007            
LSM Lover
Happy Birthday Ms. Patty!! We love you!
Patty Griffin  02/22/2007            
I am a HUGE Patty fan. I have been for years. But this album is my least favorite. The writing isnt there even though she sings amazingly (as always). I was very disappointed with it:-( It was like she put something out there because she was due putting something out.
Patty Griffin  02/15/2007            
I am absolutely in love with Patty Griffin's latest album! The emotion that emits from the lyrics is incredible! As of now, my favorites are Trapeze and Burgundy Shoes but I've had this entire album on constant repeat since I received it from LSM! I highly recommend checking it out!
Patty Griffin  02/02/2007            
This might be Patty Griffin's best CD yet. Which is really saying something given the body of work Ms. Griffin has produced.
Patty Griffin  12/13/2003            
A Kiss in Time offers a beautiful snapshot of Patty's music. Her incredible songwriting skills are displayed in this CD/DVD combo. Some of her best songs make the cut- including "Tony", "Mary", "Rain" and "Nobody's Cryin'" If you are new to Patty this is a good 'primer' disc. If you've been a Patty fan from Ghosts, you won't be disappointed! Snatch this baby up & enjoy!!
Patty Griffin  05/13/2003            
flaming red was my introduction, its an amazing record. jay joyce is genious, and patty's songwriting is unparalleled.
Patty Griffin  08/14/2002            
David Opon
This is simply a great singer-songwriter CD. Patty Griffin lyrics are just amazing. She's a female equal to Townes Van Zandt, which may make Townes fans feel taken aback, but I love both of them and Patty Griffin is that good. As for 1,000 Kisses...I just can't get this CD out of my car player. I have been listening to it for two week now and I haven't gotten tired of it yet. I first fell in love with Long Ride Home. This song got me back to playing my acoustic guitar again. Rain, Making Pies,and Nobody Crying each seduce you in with her simple playing and devasting lyrics. She does a painfully great version of Springteen's Stolen Car and Chief has turned into another favorite (a story of a Vietnam Vet). I can't say enough about this album. If you enjoy thoughtful lyrics, a hauntingly beautiful voice over simple but powerful playing. buy this CD.
Patty Griffin  12/02/2001            
patty griffin is amazing! i can't believe we had never heard her. we saw her on austin city limits and couldn't stop watching... she is a mix of sheryl crow, sarah mclachlan, and dixie chicks with a texas music twist. patty griffin is a badass!
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