Phoenix Sessions

Phoenix Sessions
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Well, with everything going on, we've slacked BIG-TIME on the blogs.  So prepare yourself for an onslaught of Artist Blogs and LSM Blogs as we get back on track.  As many of you have likely noticed, we've been working hard on establishing a new live music series over the past few months; a music series that would be different than every other music series in our genre. 

When we were brainstorming, we had three basic tenets that guided our us: 1) We wanted this to be an EVENT in the same vein as Austin City Limits (though admittedly on a much smaller, more focused scale) 2) Full-band stripped down acoustic shows to provide an actual listening "Experience" rather than "just another show".  3) We had to have a COOL venue that wasn't too big.

And with that, the Phoenix Sessions were born. The idea is pretty simple: our aim is to promote the artists in a creative way by giving the audience an exceptional package so that each show maintains an actual shelf-life, rather than fading away in the dark halls of memory.  We want the shows to be enjoyed, in person, but also be able to be recalled at any time.  What we arrived at was a solution that would enable 220 lucky individuals to take in the show, in person at the Phoenix Saloon in downtown New Braunfels.  Meanwhile, the fine folks at Texas Music World have made it possible to listen to each performance live on The Badlands FM down in Corpus Christi and online at  Additionally, the Phoenix Sessions concert series is being syndicated on other terrestrial stations in and around Texas.  Check back on for more info as its made available. 

But we didn't want it to stop there.  We had been in talks with a company called GigMark that is able to utilize "push technology" (same way some Facebook/iPhone apps do) to push digital content captured from the shows directly to end-users.  Obviously this isn't free, so we had to create a product to enable this.  The result is our Phoenix Session Season Pass USB Wristbands.  We've been able to give some demos to people at the first two shows, but here's how it works, in a nutshell:  Wristbands with USB ports have software loaded onto them.  Upon plugging the wristband into your computer, the software will be downloaded to your computer. Then, every week, after we have weeded out any tracks from the performance that may have too much crowd noise/bad audio, the content is uploaded by us and "pushed" to every computer that has the software installed.  You will receive a notification (in the form of a pulsing icon on your desktop) indicating that you have an updateand voila! you have the performance on your computer, easily integrated into iTunes/CD/ or other music listening device.  Believe me, it's simpler than we're making it sound...

At the end of the season, everyone with the software downloaded will have audio from all 22 performances as well as bonus audio that we will record from the Music Fest in Steamboat Springs.  Lone Star Music will have a gathering area there and we will try to record as much audio as we can over that week.  If you purchase the wristband after the series is over, it will simply come preloaded with all the audio (or rather, once you download the software, all shows will be pushed to your computer). If you purchase while the series is ongoing, you will receive shows on an a la carte basis, delivered as we upload, every week...  We may also "push" some digital specials to you throughout the season to show our appreciation and to maintain our goal of providing as much value in that one wristband as possible.  With that said, the wristband can be purchased for $30 from at this link: .  It works out to $1 per artist performance, give or take, depending on Steamboat.

Full lineup is as follows:
October 8:  Midnight River Choir & Ryan Beaver
October 15: Kyle Bennett & 80 Proof Band
October 22: Rob Baird & Rodney Parker & the 50 Peso Reward
October 29: Texas Renegade and Possessed By Paul James

November 5:  Mike McClure & Javi Garcia
November 12: Rich O'Toole & Brian Burke
November 19: Walt Wilkins & Allan Goodman
November 26: Django Walker & Ben Danaher

December 3:  Max Stalling & Tejas Brothers
December 10: No Justice & Zona Jones
December 17: Sean McConnell & Drew Kennedy

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