Rob Darien

Rob Darien
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Rob Darien never played any instrument except the radio until he moved to Baton Rouge and didn't know a soul. Todd Westbrook taught him about 40 songs at $5 a piece, and he got my first paying gig 6 months after picking up a guitar. It paid, but he can't say he earned his money. Rob would just sing louder when he started screwing up on the guitar, kind of like he still does. He did about 5 years of acoustic gigs to pay the rent during college. Free beer and he got to hang out with all his friends too. Rob started getting the bug to play with a band when he started jamming with some guys that hosted an open mic night in Tyler, Texas. CRAZY FROM THE HEAT. Rod was a member of that band and has been my drummer for about 4 years now. He doesn’t remember when he wrote his first song, but it was titled "ALL NIGHT LONG" and it made it onto his first CD. He doesn’t have a long list of songs that he has written throughout the years. What he has written has been recorded. With the exception of a few that are half-written on his computer. He can't sit down to write a song and have anything-productive come out of it. They just pop into his head when he hears a phrase or play on words. Then he start humming and invariably, the TELE starts playing in the background. Rob’s first CD was definitely a learning experience. Promotion, radio airplay, booking, negotiating, traveling, lining up players for shows, sound systems, the whole music industry, and staying sane are everyday battles. He gets all but 1 handled. Rob s very excited about getting his new CD to their great fans. They have heard most of this stuff during the past year or so, in the bands live shows, and he is ready to get it on their trucks and houses, and work radios. He usually tell our crowds," We're going to sing a few songs that you might not have ever heard. And when we're through with those, we're going to sing some songs that I KNOW you ain't never heard." Then the band gets with our bid-niz. (If you know what this says, you are going to be ah-ite with the CD!) Rob has had the privilege of playing with some great musicians over the past 5 years. Robby Underwood, Jud Morrison, Jim Day, David Deaton, Marty Arbter, Eric Dobbins, Grant Cook, Mike Smith, and Todd Henry have all taught me something along the way. He knows that if you surround yourself with musicians that are as talented as these guys are, some of it will rub off. He appreciates every one of these guys and consider them all great friends.
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