Robin And Lisa

Robin And Lisa
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It's not often you find a Husband and wife team that can deliver powerful music with voices that were recently described by Roots Music Report as, "…a vocal blend like Jack and Coke!" Robin and Lisa Overall are now pleasing audiences everywhere they go with their distinctive style of music. Within the course of a year their developing songwriting partnership has produced a debut album entitled "Hearts on Fire" which has propelled them onto play lists on radio stations all over the U.S. and in Europe. The album jumped into the top 100 of the Americana Music Association chart its first week of release where it stayed for fourteen weeks has now started getting heavy airplay on country stations popping into the country 'Up & Coming' chart in New Music Weekly magazine. It is also about to be released to 300 adult contemporary stations across the country. "We never realized the crossover potential this album would have" says Robin "and it seems to appeal to various age groups as well". An added ingredient to their "live" sound is Robin's electrifying guitar style, which was hailed by Jim Beal of the San Antonio Express News as, "…Guitar-slinger Deluxe!" "We are definitely going to showcase Robin's guitar playing a little more on the next album" says Lisa. Hearing this band "live" the listener becomes a believer very quickly as they are truly among the best performing bands out on tour today. Being joined on this first album by such notables as Don Felder of the Eagles, Bill Lanham, bassist for Joe Walsh, and Scott Plunkett, keyboardist, who's played with Don Henley, Chris Isaac and many others, gives credence to the professional level of Robin and Lisa's music and musicianship.
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Robin And Lisa  05/27/2004            
John Chase
This is a very talented couple. They harmonize well together. They write much of their own music, but also do some pretty good covers. I highly recommend their CD, "Hearts on Fire." Check out their Web site at:
Robin And Lisa  04/24/2004            
Rachel Bell
They have the most incredible sound! Their voices are the best I have heard in a long time. They individually have wonderful voices, but when they sing together it is magic. The music itself is awsome, I throughly enjoyed the instrumentals. Their music has it all and I am sharing this will all my family and freinds.
Robin And Lisa  03/17/2004            
Diane Huth
Awesome! Beautiful album, great original music, distinctive voices. They will go far, and the album will be a super hit.
Robin And Lisa  02/20/2004            
Eliza Weber
This album is so good! I've been playing it over and over and I don't get tired. It's like Sgt. Peppers all over but with an Americana twist.
Robin And Lisa  02/16/2004            
Claire Sawyer
I love this album! Just love this album! I will go anywhere to hear these guys!
Robin And Lisa  02/16/2004            
Johnny Tyler
I don't think I have the words to say how much I love this album. I normally listen to metal but these guys get to me on a spiritual level or something.
Robin And Lisa  02/16/2004            
Chris Mendez
Robin and Lisa are the best thing that has happened in Americana Music!
Robin And Lisa  02/16/2004            
Paul Frashier
I saw these guys at Gus and Woodrows in San Antonio and they are fantastic! Both are great vocalists and the blend is fabulous, but the most surprising thing was Robin's electric guitar playing! Man, you really need to put some of THAT stuff on the next album. San Antonio's answer to Eric Johnson as evidenced in the song "Remember When". I'm a fan for life!
Robin And Lisa  02/16/2004            
Val Simmonson
This is a breath of fresh air! What a wonderful collection of songs. This is the kind of album you can listen to over and over and never get tired of it. It sings to the soul!I just bought a copy at Borders but wanted Robin and Lisa to know I think they are great. I heard them "live" too and they just kick ass!
Robin And Lisa  02/10/2004            
Roxanne Krezdorn
Robin and Lisa are not only two who are touched by kismet but the synergy shared between them is none I have seen and heard in a duo in a very long time. The cd is about love, relationships, and heartfelt experiences. If you can't relate to this collection of Eagle influenced artistry then you have never been in love. A great inspiration. Lyrics and melodies that stick in your mind. My hat's off to Robin and Lisa for Heart's On Fire. I bought the cd and I rate it with 5 stars in content, production, and musical symetry. A work of art.
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