Robyn Ludwick

Robyn Ludwick
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Singer-songwriter Robyn Ludwick can be heard playing her own music in and around Texas from her May 2005 debut release For So Long (produced by critically acclaimed singer-songwriter/multiinstrumentalist Danny Barnes), which is capturing the attention of critics as well as several established record labels. An earthy blend of folk and intense ballads, Ludwick offers no small amount of passion in her writing or on-stage performances. “I’m just now admitting on stage that ‘I am a Robison’… well, it was real important to me that I do this on my own, for better or worse”. Robyn’s older brothers Bruce and Charlie Robison have cut their own distinct paths as songwriters and performers and Robyn is a force of her own, staking out her own territory on the musical horizon … Growing up in Bandera, Texas with her two brothers and sister Mimi, some of Robyn’s earliest memories were those falling asleep across folding chairs in the dancehalls where her grandparents danced to live music every weekend. Or running barefoot through Bandera’s Purple Cow and Flying L, where her mother tended bar as “Whiskey River” and “Rolling with the Flow” played for the millionth time on the jukebox. “Where I come from, music was always there…my father told me that they set up my crib at Flores Country Store so that they could see Johnny Rodriguez play.” Teaching herself play the guitar at age 15, Robyn’s influences were far beyond her years (Jackson Browne, Van Morrison, Emmylou Harris) listening to albums already 20 years old. In lieu of Friday night football games and high school proms, she was slipping off to Austin every weekend to hear live music at The Black Cat Lounge and Continental Club. Inevitably, Robyn moved to Austin immediately after high school and soon met bassist John Ludwick, her now-husband of 10 years. Early on, Robyn studied under an Austin guitarist for a time and began writing. In order to conquer her stage fright and learn to share her mostly-autobiographical songs, Robyn attended weekly open mics at venues that showcased singer-songwriters such as The Cactus Café in Austin. “I was forced to write new material every week and learned to bare my soul to strangers”. Soon after, Robyn began playing regular happy hour gigs and provided back-up vocals for an LA singer/songwriter for a time. She began landing opening gigs at legendary songwriting venues on the strength of her performances and homemade demo of original songs. Robyn gleams with pride when asked about her musical family, “I really love to get on stage and sing with my brothers and husband, there is no other feeling like it in the world”. Robyn sang on brother Bruce’s 1998 Sony release Wrapped and you can hear her providing harmony vocals for three songs on brother Charlie’s 2004 Dualtone release Good Times.
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Robyn Ludwick  05/13/2017            
T.G. Caraway
Have been a fan of her music since she started. This is the best she had recorded!
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