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Rodney Pyeatt
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Rodney Pyeatt has played that sweet Telecaster for Selena and Rick Trevino, but now he's playing it for himself. "TEXAS BEER JOINT TOUR" (Cedar Break Records) is the debut project from this veteran road musician. Penning six of the eleven cuts and co-writing two more, Pyeatt has delivered a radio-ready gem. From "In Texas," the opener, Rodney Pyeatt expresses the true Texan within him, blending Country music, Latin flair, and a relentless guitar solo. Pyeatt masters the softer side on "Suppose I Turn The Tables." Every track is a treasure unto itself, creating an outstanding first project. Pyeatt's voice has a Vince Gill quality, flawless and true to the last note. Since his teenage years, Rodney has performed "House Of The Rising Sun" so it's no surprise that you find it here, in his own unique style, including a nostalgic ending for all of us who spent our youth with one hand wrapped firmly around a Fender neck. Co-produced with Steve Palousek, Pyeatt assembles a Who's-Who of Country pickers for a CD that is nothing less than a Rock-laden Country smash hit factory. Rodney has spent his career making entertainers sound good. Now, it's his turn.
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Rodney Pyeatt  07/09/2009            
I am really impressed with Rodney on Stoney LaRue's Billy Bob' Live Album and DVD.
Rodney Pyeatt  12/28/2007            
Rodney Pyeatt  12/27/2007            
jason aaron
This CD rocks, excellent sound, I can't stop listening to it. Keep 'em comin' Mr. Pyeatt.
Rodney Pyeatt  12/06/2007            
Cody Riley
Rodney is one of the best Guitar players and song writers i have had the chance to play with!!! Anyone that has ever seen Rodney and his Band play say they are no doubt the best Band in the Texas seen!!! Keep on Rockin Bro!!!
Rodney Pyeatt  03/05/2007            
Susette Renfro
Rodney was in Lufkin Texas with Stoney Larue on March 2 2007... This man can play that guitar!! You the man RODNEY!!
Rodney Pyeatt  10/20/2006            
Rodney kicks ass!!
Rodney Pyeatt  06/18/2006            
If you like this guy, you should see his son Jake... Like Father Like Son.
Rodney Pyeatt  12/29/2005            
I have had many influences on the guitar such as SRV, EVH, Eddy Shaver and the list goes on on. But none have had such an impact as Rodney. I heard him playing his stuff on TBJT and his licks and chops were unbelievable. Then I heard him really cut loose w/MMB and I was blown away. I have been blessed to have the chance to talk to him about other things than music. He respects all musicians and never has a bad thing to say about anyone. When I get frustrated with my music career, he has always guided me in the right direction. The best advise he has ever gave me is to let things happen and don't force them. He is the best guitarist I have ever heard but the most genuine person I have ever known. He is currently playing w/Stoney Larue and with Stoney's voice, Rodney on guitar, Jeremy Watkins on fiddle, they pack a very serious punch that no one in Tx Music can touch. Go check them out.
Rodney Pyeatt  12/02/2005            
Kelly Fullen
i have been wondering what Rodney was up to..last i heard he was with Rick Trevino..Rodney was my first guitar instructor back in the 80's..hell of a guitar player and i learned a lot from him.. i still love to listen to his guitar stuff he provided on a local rap group back home..specifically a song titled "Doggin The Axe"
Rodney Pyeatt  03/06/2005            
Omaha John
Excellent Album!!!
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