Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner
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After several years of improving his craft and singing solo on the Texas music scene, Ryan Turner is establishing quite a following. Ryan is a versatile and soulful Austin-based singer/songwriter who holds a compellingly different perspective on contemporary country music. He has dedicated the entire past year to working on his debut album, “Rollin’ Up My Sleeves”. The album features Ryan as a co-producer, alongside the multi-talented producer/engineer/drummer, Ken Tondre. Also taking part in the album are some of the finest players around the state including the renowned Lloyd Maines, members of Bruce Robison’s and Pat Green’s bands, as well as other outstanding musicians from the Austin music scene. The enthusiastic pre-release ”buzz” for the album, set for release in September of 2005, is a strong sign of good things to come. At this early stage in his career, Ryan has already seen his fair share of accomplishments. In the summer of 2003, Ryan won a statewide amateur songwriting and performance competition at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth. In March of the following year, his former band, LiveWireDown, was invited to showcase its talents at the esteemed South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) in Austin. That performance helped to broaden Ryan’s following from Texas all the way to Europe, producing e-mails and phone calls demanding more music. With this in mind, soon after the SXSW performance, the idea to create a full-length album became the number one priority. During his high school days in the small prison-town of Gatesville, Texas, Ryan picked up his first guitar and started writing songs. His musical tastes were shaped from a variety of influences. Classic sounds from the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Beach Boys, John Mellencamp, the Beatles, the Eagles, George Strait and Tom Petty have all made their impact on Ryan. Along with the greats from the past, he also credits many current song men as mentors. Bruce Robison, Radney Foster, Monte Warden, Darrell Scott, Rodney Crowell, and many other “behind the scenes” songwriters are among those he chooses to study and learn from. At the age of 20, Ryan took a “break” from college and carried his songs and dreams to Nashville, where he lived and worked for a couple of years. There he began playing open mics at the famous Blue Bird Café and before long was invited to join the invitation-only Sunday Writer's Night show. During this time, he also obtained an internship at the Country Music Association on Nashville's famed Music Row, working with Fan Fair and other exciting projects. However, with his roots still firmly planted in Texas, he returned home to finish college, earning his degree at Texas State University, in beautiful San Marcos. Today, Ryan Turner’s sights are tightly focused on the continued development of his songwriting craft and the success of the new band and album. Ryan's original work ranges from the self-deprecation of "She's No Amy" to the positive self-realization of “A Real Good Day”. However, Ryan definitely knows how to have a good time, as reflected in the feel-good first single, “Julie’s Gonna Dance”. It’s also obvious that Ryan’s paid his dues to the blues in the bittersweet ballad, “The Heart Has a Mind of Its Own.” Ryan’s music offers something for everyone, with a wide variety of material exploring a broad range of honest emotion. His work is both sincere and full of fun. With Ryan’s combination of sound writing and relentless dedication, he should look forward to a lengthy and successful career.
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Average Rating : 4.7              Total Reviews: 95

Ryan Turner  04/27/2010            
great guy and great songwritter!! looking forward to the new c.d!!
Ryan Turner  11/04/2008            
Houston Girl
Why post the one on the front??? That guy is rude and he probably is just jealous cause he can't sing! I love Ryan Turner's music!!! And thank goodness we have people that follow their dreams and do what's in their heart!
Ryan Turner  10/15/2008            
Ryan gives 150% every time he gets up on stage. It doesn't matter if there is 5 or 500 people around, he just sings from his heart. We love ya!
Ryan Turner  06/11/2008            
like the cd was good pick you up feal when you feal down keep up the good work
Ryan Turner  05/01/2008            
Acoustic @ City Limits in Stephenville April 30th was bad ace! Keep on pick'n Ryan, we love ya man!
Ryan Turner  12/25/2007            
Ryan played a great show in Gun Barrel earlier in the month. There was only a had full of people there but they still gave it every thing they had. Lacey Rocked the floor. Ryan Turner kicks ass.
Ryan Turner  12/09/2007            
Ryan is such a great musician, whether he plays with the band or in an acoustic show. The CD is awesome and I can't wait till the new stuff comes out!
Ryan Turner  08/20/2007            
Was at Adair’s Saturday night and heard an opening band( don’t remember their name River ?); they were good and the people seem to enjoy them as well, they were mingling, drinking and visiting just having a good time. Then when Ryan Turner and his band took the stage it was unbelievable! Everyone that was milling around and visiting came to a halt the whole bar was moving up to the front and it was breathing room only. The place was packed. Then everyone stood with anticipation as the band warmed up. At the first cord Ryan and band were smiling and welcoming us and especially thanking us for coming out! The mood grew from excited to down right full of JOY! Then they crank up and start to play/sing; I DON’T CARE WHAT SONG HE WAS SINGING (his own original songs or just songs we love to hear) EVERYONE ELSE WAS SINGING THE SAME SONG, SAME LYRICKS WHILE SWAYING AND TAPPING OUT THE BEAT! Talk about not only is he a talented song writer, wonderful singer but is really outstanding in SHOWMANSHIP! He made each and everyone of us feel like he was singing only to us and made us feel as if we were all family not just a bunch of strangers coming together to hear him sing/play. Oh by the way I’m NOT a young star struck adult; I’m a well weathered 50 year old who is “Turner Struck”. And I just happened to have my 69 year old Aunt and Uncle with me also, who has gone out today and bought Ryan Turner’s CD’s and waiting on his new one to come out! Thank YOU for all your support of NEW and Upcoming musicians and most of all Thanks for bringing Ryan Turner to us! Sherry Haile
Ryan Turner  07/30/2007            
Great show at Floore's this past weekend. We were there to Fowler and left enjoying Turners performance better. Can't wait to see him again. Great music, great guitar playing from the lead and great lyrics. Totally fresh sound and am running out to buy album.
Ryan Turner  07/29/2007            
this guy is absolutely the worst "texas artist" i have seen opening for any one out at floores country store. It was probably the longest hour i have ever heard any one play. Im not sure if he came on stage completely drunk or if he was just trying to act stupid. I was certainly glad when he left the stage and Kevin Fowler came on. I thought he could have done a better job of bringing the music to the audiance instead of his rambling bull poop about other bands that were playing around other venues like "rascal flatts" and sucky jokes.
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